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A social media dashboard for "Mia Make Up" displays user statistics, including followers, engagement, and views. Notifications indicate a new project proposal. Graphs show demographic and performance data.

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Several social media posts featuring diverse individuals modeling sportswear and casual clothing in various settings.

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A person is applying makeup in front of a mirror, shown on a smartphone screen. The video has 2.1 million views and 476,000 likes.

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Logo-Click-Creators Competitors
Secure guaranteed payment Checked Unchecked
Commission $0 10-20%
Brand discovery tool Checked Unchecked
Centralise your social data Checked Unchecked
Share your media kit Checked Unchecked
Dedicated account manager to help you grow Checked Unchecked


How is my payment guaranteed?
Your payment is guaranteed, and it’s 100% secure. The brand pays us at the start of the project, and once your content is approved, we promptly release your payment. It’s a quick and easy process that you can rely on.
Do you charge fees or commissions on payments?
No. We don’t charge any fees or commissions. You keep 100% of your money.
How much do UGC creators make?
On average, our UGC creators get paid $100 for each piece of content. You can make as much or as little as you want.
How do I become a UGC creator?

Becoming a UGC creator is easy. Here are 5 steps to become a UGC creator with no experience:

  1. First, sign up for free on our UGC creator marketplace.
  2. Next, find your niche.
  3. Create content and build a portfolio.
  4. Find brands to work with.
  5. Start earning money.
Can anyone be a UGC creator?
Anyone can become a UGC creator. You don’t need special tools or software; you just need a pinch of creativity and a passion for creating content.
Do you have to show your face as a UGC creator?
You don’t have to show your face as a UGC creator, although we often find that content showing a creator’s face is more appealing and effective.

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