9 Influencer marketing examples to follow

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Marketing Tips

Guess what? 🤔 I found 9 excellent influencer marketing examples to follow. 

From Topicals to Dove and Hellofresh, these successful marketing campaigns will inspire you to rethink your influencer marketing strategy.

Ready? Let’s roll. 👇

9 Successful influencer marketing examples we can learn from

I’ve got 9 exciting influencer marketing examples lined up. Let’s start with my favourite marketing campaign and see what we can learn from them.

Influencer marketing example 1: Topicals

My first and favourite influencer marketing example comes from Topicals

They’re a skincare brand making waves with their unique marketing campaigns.

Why are they my favourite influencer marketing example? 

👉 Topicals decided to throw an epic birthday bash in Bermuda to celebrate turning three.

Sounds dreamy, right? 

But here’s the kicker – it wasn’t just about those stunning beach pics. The real magic was in the details.

Topicals became the first beauty brand to host an entirely BIPOC-sponsored trip, inviting a diverse mix of 18 influencers. Imagine the buzz! 😎

They included big names like reality TV star Dami Hope, esthetician Sean Garrette, and lifestyle guru Ishini Weerasinghe

For many, it was their first brand trip. 

The result? 

A whopping 3M impressions and 5K new followers across TikTok and Instagram.

Impressive, huh?

And they didn’t just keep the fun to themselves. 

Topicals featured these influencers on their brand account, while the guests posted daily updates on their Instagram Stories and TikTok. 

The tags #TopicalsTakesBermuda and #TopicalsTurns3 were everywhere.

My pro tip: Want to boost your brand’s engagement? Embrace diversity and authenticity in your influencer partnerships.

Let’s jump into my next influencer marketing campaign example. 👇

Influencer marketing example 2: Gymshark

Gymshark has this killer influencer marketing strategy. 

Their goal? 

They scout talent to showcase their products on social media. 

Ever scroll through TikTok or Instagram and see those cool Gymshark Athletes flaunting their latest gear? Yep, that’s them! 

These brand ambassadors show off their haul and share sweet discount codes.

Take @SopheAllen, for example.

@sopheallen GYMSHARK HAUL! For Black Friday 🖤 showing you a few of my recent fav pieces, the fit & sizing. You can get up to 60% off selected styles @ Gymshark Black Friday sale! My affiliate link is in my bio. If you shop using it, it really supports me! Tysm - lmk if you have any questions xx #gymshark #gymsharkhaul #gymsharktryon @Gymshark ♬ original sound - Soph 🍒

She recently did a Black Friday haul, trying on all her new Gymshark items. She didn’t just show off the clothes; she gave her followers an affiliate link for up to 60% off. 

Talk about a win-win!

My pro tip: Want to drive direct sales and engagement? Brand ambassadorships are the way to go! Try-on hauls are super effective because they help viewers imagine themselves in the clothing and ask questions about fit, sizing, and material. 

Plus, it encourages more user-generated content, expanding your brand’s reach. What do you think? Could this strategy work for your brand? Let’s look at another campaign example.

Influencer marketing example 3: Dunkin’

Let’s talk about a super cool and unexpected influencer marketing campaign example by Dunkin’

This campaign is all about thinking outside the box and teaming up with the unexpected.

Remember Dunkin’s legendary “America Runs on Dunkin” tagline? 

Well, they’ve taken it up a notch with their “America Runs on Munchkins®” campaign. The stars of this show? None other than Ben Affleck, Dunkin’s official spokesperson, and the viral rapper Ice Spice.

Here’s the fun twist: Ice Spice, known for her hit song “Munch,” which is also what her fans are called, makes this collaboration a wordplay dream. 

They premiered a bespoke video at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, and boy, did it create a buzz! Leading up to the big reveal, social media was buzzing with teasers. 👇

My pro tip: Want to create buzz-worthy campaigns? Try collaborating with unexpected influencers and build on your brand’s legacy. It’s a fantastic way to reach wider audiences and keep things fresh.

Influencer marketing example 4: La Roche-Posay

Here’s another fantastic influencer marketing example for you. This one’s from La Roche-Posay, and it’s all about sun protection at a major sporting event.

As the official sunscreen partner of the US Open, La Roche-Posay hosted an exciting brand activation. 

They invited influencers like @JaeGurley to try out their sunscreen products and even used a cool skin-scanning machine to evaluate sun damage.

@jaegurley #larocheposaypartner No better way to spend the day than with La Roche-Posay at the #USOpen 🎾 Had a fabulous time getting to know my skin and how best to protect it with their Anthelios sunscreen 🤩🧴@LaRochePosayUS #larocheposayusa ♬ original sound - Jae Gurley

How awesome is that?

My pro tip: Want to effectively promote and educate consumers about your products? Partner with influencers through interactive activations. Aligning your brand with prestigious events can maximise exposure and engagement.

Influencer marketing example 5: Joybird

Let’s dive into one of the most iconic influencer marketing campaigns of 2023—the marketing magic behind the Barbie movie. This one’s a colourful collaboration you’ll love! I know I did.

Joybird teamed up with content creator @ChrissaSparkles to promote their Barbie™ Dreamhouse™ furniture collection. 

Not only did she create sponsored videos, but she also showcased content from Joybird’s showroom.

Talk about a dreamy partnership! @ChrissaSparkles was the perfect fit for this collab. 

She’s all about those Barbie vibes—think pinks, pastels, humour, vibrant home decor, and stylish looks. 

Plus, she’s a performer, designer, and pilates instructor, juggling multiple roles with flair. 

Her popular satirical series, in which she plays different Barbies, like “Only Child Barbie,” added an extra layer of fun and authenticity to the campaign.

My pro tip: Want to drive awareness and sales creatively? Work with content creators who truly align with your brand. Authenticity is key!

Influencer marketing example 6: Flock Freight

Let’s talk about another brilliant influencer marketing campaign, this time from Flock Freight. This one’s all about perfect timing and nostalgia.

Flock Freight teamed up with Steve Burns for their “Define Your Load” campaign. 

You remember Steve, right? The beloved host of Blue’s Clues who made a viral comeback with his heartfelt “Message From Steve” video celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary. 

This nostalgic star was the perfect fit for Flock Freight’s campaign, thanks to his renewed popularity.

The campaign was a hit and even won a Cannes Lion for B2B Creative in the Challenger Brand category in June 2023. Talk about a comeback!

My pro tip: Timing is everything! Capitalise on influencers’ recent viral moments or relevancy to amplify your campaign’s impact. Leveraging Steve Burns’ return to the spotlight added a huge wow factor.

Influencer marketing example 7: Dove

For my next influencer marketing example, let’s chat about Dove and their fantastic influencer marketing success story from 2022.

Dove took a big step in expanding its influencer community to align with its core values. 

They ran several campaigns like #PassTheCrown, #DetoxYourFeed, #ReusableIsBeautiful, and Baby Dove #OneRealPressure.

The result? 

They won a Shorty Award for their stellar micro-influencer strategy.

These campaigns were a massive hit on Dove’s social channels, racking up over 1B impressions and surpassing every key metric. Their engagement rate soared by 20%, helping them exceed their 2022 goals. 

Talk about impressive! 😱

My pro tip: Don’t underestimate the power of micro-influencers. Campaigns with these influencers can be just as impactful as those with larger followings.

Influencer marketing example 8: Animalhouse Fitness

Let’s dive into a cool fitness influencer marketing campaign from Animalhouse Fitness. This campaign teaches us all about innovation and building strong influencer relationships.

Animalhouse Fitness, known for its cutting-edge health products, launched a new product called MonkeyFeet. 

They decided to build meaningful connections with influencers to create buzz and awareness. 

Their goal? 

Get MonkeyFeet in front of their target audience and create some serious hype.

Noah J. Richter showcased the flexibility of MonkeyFeet to his 66.4K followers, sparking interest.

@noahjrichter Thanks to @Animalhouse Fitness, I can now do #legday at the hotel gym! 🏋🏿‍♂️🦵🏿🍑🙌🏿 #monkeyfeet #fitness #fitnesstiktok #gym #workout ♬ Sleepwalking - Chiiild

Animalhouse Fitness sent MonkeyFeet as a gift to over 100 fitness influencers. 

The strategy paid off big time. They incorporated user-generated content into their ads, boosting brand awareness and sales.

One standout moment was when influencer Ben Patrick shared the product. 

This caught the eye of Joe Rogan, who mentioned MonkeyFeet four times on his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience

With an audience of around 11M people worldwide, you can imagine the impact!

My pro tip: Focus on building influencer relationships by giving, not asking. Sending free products to relevant influencers can generate user-generated content for your ads, social media, and more. It’s a win-win for both you and the influencer.

Ready for my final influencer marketing campaign example? 🤔

Influencer marketing example 9: HelloFresh

Let’s wrap up with an inspiring example from HelloFresh, a home-delivery meal kit service that nailed influencer marketing.

HelloFresh launched their “Refresh with HelloFresh” campaign in 2019, featuring the fabulous Davina McCall

This campaign was so successful it won the 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards for Best Food and Drink Campaign.

HelloFresh didn’t just stop at celebrities; they also worked with 15 micro-influencers who took on a 21-day challenge to cook healthy meals from scratch using HelloFresh recipes. 

These influencers posted a series of cooking videos and photos, all tagged with #RefreshWithHelloFresh, throughout the campaign.

The goal was to target the UK market, focusing on busy moms and young professionals. With an audience of 80% women aged 30 to 50, they hit the mark perfectly.

For example, Fifi Mitchell, a lifestyle blogger, shared her HelloFresh experience and encouraged her followers to try it out with her exclusive discount code.

My pro tip: Know your audience and what drives them. Identify their pain points, like making healthy food quickly, and create campaigns that solve these issues.

3 Influencer marketing campaign types

Did you know there are tons of ways to run influencer marketing campaigns? They all tap into the creator’s loyal following, trustworthiness, and authenticity. 

I typically categorise influencer marketing campaigns into: giveaways, product collaborations, and influencer-led advertisements.

Let me quickly explain the differences between these influencer marketing tactics. 🤓

Giveaways and contests

Who doesn’t love free stuff, especially from their favourite brands? 🤩

I found that around 65% of marketers team up with influencers for giveaways. These can include anything from exclusive products to discounted services.

Giveaways are a fantastic way to boost engagement and promote your brand. 

Influencers usually explain how to enter—whether it’s leaving a comment, sharing a post, or completing a social media challenge. 

They work especially well for micro-influencer campaigns because these influencers typically have highly engaged audiences.

Product collaborations

Did you know that 62% of marketers team up with influencers for product collaborations? 😱

These partnerships are all about leveraging a creator’s creativity and influence. 

Whether it’s designing specialised content or launching a special edition product, the possibilities are endless.

Product collaborations can include event activations, unboxing videos, reviews, and pre-release content. 

The goal? 

👉 To generate hype and excitement around a new launch.

Affiliate influencer campaigns and sponsored posts

Over half of marketers (57%) collaborate with influencers through advertisements. 

Two popular methods are affiliate marketing programs and sponsored posts.

With affiliate marketing, influencers promote a product or service and earn a share of the profit when their followers make a purchase. 

They get commissions through discount codes and referral links. This approach is especially popular in e-commerce because it’s as easy as sharing a link or code.

Affiliate influencers might also serve as brand ambassadors, consistently promoting a brand’s products or services.

Sponsored content, on the other hand, involves brands paying influencers to create and publish posts on their accounts. 

These posts are usually tagged with hashtags like #ad or #brandpartner or labelled as paid promotions, letting followers know the content is sponsored.

My final thoughts

And there you have it: 9 excellent influencer marketing examples to follow this year. From giveaways to product collaborations, we can learn from each publicity example.

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