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by | Jun 12, 2024 | Influencer News

Can babies become brand ambassadors? Yes! Just look at Kate, the famous Four Seasons baby that’s sparked a meme. 

👉 One of Kate’s TikTok videos already has over 63M views!

👉 Her TikTok page has grown by 33,304.26% in the last 4 months, from 4K followers in March to nearly 16K in June. 🤯

But there’s more.

This tiny star is a Four Seasons brand ambassador and has started a viral trend on TikTok. This week, she’s also our Creator To Watch. 🤩

Join me as I examine Kate’s social media stats, the inspiration behind her viral trend, and what we, as influencer marketing managers, can learn from her.

Ready? Let’s roll. 👇

Behind the Four Seasons baby meme

@sobrizzle If the @Four Seasons Hotels ♬ original sound - Stefanie

Imagine a cute 13-month-old baby, Kate, responding with a poised, raised finger when asked if she wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando. 

Stefanie O’Brien, her aunt, captioned the video jokingly on TikTok, saying, “If the @FourSeasonsHotels is looking for a baby ambassador, my niece got you 😂🤣😂🤣😂.” 

Little did she know, this playful post would turn into a massive viral sensation, catapulting Kate into internet stardom.

Four Seasons baby Kate’s social media stats

I used my favourite influencer marketing platform to learn about baby Kate’s social media stats. This is what I learned about this star:

A screenshot of a social media analytics dashboard showing follower metrics, including details from the documentary "Dancing For The Devil: Inside the 7M TikTok Cult." The main graphs display gender, age distribution, and location of followers. A profile image and username are also present on the left.

📊 Baby Kate’s TikTok audience is split, with 70% women and 30% men following her account.

📊 18 – 24-year-olds make up the majority (59%) of her audience.

But there’s more.

Screenshot of a social media analytics dashboard displaying user @sobrizzle with 15.3K followers. Majority followers are English speakers (89.87%) from the United States (57.09%). Insights offer a glimpse into trends akin to "Dancing For The Devil: Inside the 7M TikTok Cult.

📊 57% of her audience lives in the United States.

📊 Baby Kate’s latest 3 posts on TikTok got an out-of-this-world 83 836.65% engagement rate!

It’s clear: Baby Kate is a star. 

But why is her content doing so well, and what can we learn from it? Let’s find out. 🤔

The power of authenticity

When O’Brien’s video blew up, racking up over 62M views and nearly 8M likes, it was clear that authenticity was the secret sauce. 

TikTok users were charmed by Kate’s sophisticated gesture, which led to her being nicknamed “the Four Seasons baby” or “fully conscious baby.” 

The Four Seasons hotel chain took note and invited the family to its Orlando location for an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend.

This video went viral and scored nearly 9K comments, 8M views, and 1.4M likes on TikTok. 😱

And that brings us to the first influencer marketing lesson that we can learn from baby Kate.

💡 Lesson #1: Authenticity wins hearts. 

Genuine, unplanned moments often resonate more with audiences than meticulously crafted content. Encourage your creators to share real, spontaneous content. You never know what might go viral!

But our story doesn’t end here. 👇

Turning virality into a marketing opportunity

The Four Seasons team went all out for the Wise family, creating personalised experiences that leaned into Kate’s viral persona. 

From a custom tuxedo and gold truffle pasta to milk served on silver platters, they ensured every detail was Instagram-worthy.

@sobrizzle Just up to her standards. ☝🏽 @Four Seasons Hotels #FourSeasonsBaby #FourSeasonsOrlando ♬ espresso sabrina - celebs media

💡 Lesson #2: Personalisation is key. 

Tailor your marketing efforts to fit the unique aspects of each influencer’s story. This creates a more memorable and shareable experience, amplifying your brand’s presence.

Collaborative content creation

Stefanie O’Brien and the Four Seasons team planned multiple pieces of content to share during the family’s stay. 

“You can plan all you want, but when you have a 13-month-old, all those plans just go to shit,” O’Brien said. “It was kind of a ‘We’re going to get what we get,’ because a baby’s going to do what the baby wants to do.”

@sobrizzle Think it’s a yes on the gold truffle pasta ☝️🍝✨ #FourSeasonsBaby #FourSeasonsOrlando ♬ Me Too - Meghan Trainor

Despite the unpredictability of working with a toddler, the results were magical, further cementing Kate’s status as a viral sensation.

💡 Lesson #3: Be flexible when creating content. 

Have a plan, but be ready to adapt. Working with influencers, especially those with kids or pets, means expecting the unexpected. Embrace it, and your content will be all the more engaging.

Engagement and growth

Since the original video, the Four Seasons has seen a significant increase in engagement on their social channels.

Dashboard view showing analytics for Four Seasons Hotels with graphs depicting growth in engagement, followers, and post interactions over time. Includes sections for reporting, tracking, and listings—a revealing insight akin to uncovering truths from "Dancing For The Devil: Inside the 7M TikTok Cult.

📊 Their followers went from 9K to 28K. That’s a 298.88% growth!

📊 Four Season’s average likes went up from 128 to 18K.

📊 Even their average views went up from 6K to nearly 940K.

The collaboration has brought in new followers and fans eager to see more of Kate’s adventures. And this brings me to influencer marketing lesson 4.

💡Lesson #4: Capitalise on engagement. 

Use viral moments to boost your social media engagement. Interact with your audience, respond to comments, and keep the momentum going with follow-up content.

Hold on, because we’re not done yet. There are even more lessons we can learn from the Four Seasons baby meme. 👇

The ripple effect: Other brands join in

Other brands like Truly Beauty, United Airlines, and Top Golf hopped on the “Four Seasons baby” trend, creating their own versions of the meme.

Like this one:

Or even this one:

This cross-brand engagement amplified the original viral moment even further.

💡Lesson #5: Don’t be afraid to join the trend. 

When you see a viral trend, think creatively about how your brand can participate. It’s an excellent way to stay relevant and tap into existing audience excitement.

Are you ready for the final influencer marketing lesson we can learn from the Four Seasons baby? Let’s roll! 👇

Looking forward: Build future partnerships

The collaboration between Kate’s family and the Four Seasons is just the beginning. 

O’Brien hinted at ongoing conversations with the hotel chain and other major brands, signalling that we’ll see more of Kate in the influencer marketing space.

Four Seasons has “definitely voiced to us that they’d like to continue [working] with us, as well.” She also noted that “pretty much every massive brand” has contacted the family, but declined to name which ones. 

“We’re taking things step-by-step, and it’s really fun to watch,” O’Brien said. “We’re excited to see where little Kate goes next—and we hope that she brings us with her.”

And here’s the final lesson we can learn from Baby Kate’s rise to stardom.

💡Lesson #6: Build long-term relationships. 

Viral moments can open doors to long-lasting partnerships. Cultivate these relationships to ensure continued success and collaboration.

My final thoughts

The Four Seasons baby meme is a perfect example of how a spontaneous, authentic moment can become a powerful marketing tool.

You can create impactful influencer campaigns that resonate with your audience by embracing authenticity, personalisation, flexibility, engagement, and trend participation.

So, let’s take a page from little Kate’s book and aim for those delightful, genuine moments in our campaigns.

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