28 Influencer marketing memes

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Marketing Tips

28 Influencer marketing memes

It’s time for some influencer marketing memes!


Despite the benefits of influencer marketing, it can be scary.

At Click Analytic, we know how much you’ve got going on.

You need to know which influencer marketing KPIs to track, how to hire a micro-influencer, and how to work with your influencer database.

That’s enough to drive any influencer marketing manager crazy.

So, let’s sit back and chuckle at some of these epic and funny influencer marketing memes. 🤭

28 Influencer marketing memes to make you laugh

If you like these influencer marketing memes, don’t forget to look at some of the cringiest influencer marketing fails. They’re sure to make you want to die from embarrassment.

Now, ready to laugh?

Let’s roll. 👇

7 Marketing memes about influencers

It’s no secret: Everyone wants to be an influencer.

Sometimes, the best we can do is laugh, especially when they don’t know the difference between a niche influencer and a local influencer.

Dying brands influence marketing | made w/ imgflip meme maker | made w/ imgflip meme maker | made w.

Do you want to trend?

Want to line your pockets with gold? 🤑

👉 Then, you must find influencers.

Spongebob squarepants with the words influence marketing trending brands.

The return on investment (ROI) is a hotly debated topic in influencer marketing. 🔥

The industry standard is $7 for every $1 spent.

But! Some brands claim up to $20 ROI.

We hope you know which influencer marketing metrics to track. It’s the key to your success.

Influencer marketing the roi.

Negative publicity. 🥹

It happens. It can happen to all of us.

The solution?

Use influencers and creators to turn those frowns into smiles.

Negative publicity marketers influencers | made w/ imgflip meme maker.

Here’s a cold, hard lesson: 👇

If you’re not using influencers or key opinion leaders, nobody will care about your brand.

A man in a vest with the caption launching a new product doesn't use influencers.

We often look at huge brands, like LVMH, with shares jumping over 12%, and we wonder: how do they do it?

The answer is simple: influencers.

They used influencers me | they used influencers me | made w/ imgflip meme maker.

Can you relate? 

A successful influencer marketing campaign can improve sales, reach, and yes: line your pockets. 🤑

Used influence marketing and my stock is gone | image tagged in influence marketing and my stock is gone | image tagged in influence marketing and my stock.

6 Memes about followers and audiences

Followers are our bread and butter.

Yes, they’re the gold we mine. ⛏️

But, sometimes, we can’t laugh at the strange situations we find ourselves in.

Fake followers my marketing campaign | made w/ imgflip meme maker | made w/ imgflip meme maker.

A sad fact is: We all must use fake follower checker strategies to weed out, well, the weeds. 🥲

Fake followers are everywhere, and they’re hurting our business.

The world if fake followers don't exist.

Here’s an interesting fact: You have 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention

Yes, even influencers only have 8 seconds to reel in their audience.

What a challenge! 🙄

When you have 8 seconds to catch their attention - when you have 8 seconds to catch their attention.

Are you doing influencer marketing right?

Congrats! Now, brace for the storm of new followers that are about to come your way. 🌪️

Brace yourself the followers are coming.

And who can forget? When an influencer is good, and they truly resonate and connect with their audience, that audience will be eager to endorse your brand.

Engagement = Sales. 🧮

When the influence is good take my money.

Don’t you get annoyed when you see some amazing startups but they don’t use influencers to boost their brand? That’s potential lost. Forever. 😤

Why you no use influencers?.

7 funny memes about influencer marketing strategies

Creating an influencer marketing strategy takes time, effort, and guts.

👉 We know.

So, here are some funny marketing memes for those days when nothing works out.

When i need a marketing plan you an influencer and you get an influencer.

Influencer marketing is a business worth over $20 billion. It’s one of the hottest and trendiest marketing strategies on the planet. Are you doing your bit?

Influence marketing so hot right now | made w/ imgflip meme maker.

There are some common influencer marketing challenges. One of those is coming up with new trends and ideas before your competitors do. 🫠

My brilliant influence marketing strategies before i go to bed.

Regardless of how simple or complicated your influencer marketing plan is. It must be organic, authentic, and connect with your target audience.

My influencer marketing strategy is simple | made w/ imgflip meme maker.

A lot of tears, sweat and effort goes into creating the perfect marketing strategy. It takes time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight. But we can dream, right? 😩

My brand new marketing strategy the sweat, tears and hard work.

💡 Here’s a pro tip: Don’t ever get caught without a marketing plan. Even startups can work with influencers. There’s no excuse.

They steal your marketing plan if you don't have a marketing plan.

Influencer marketing is a challenge, but if you have the right tools in your marketing toolkit, you’ll be fine.

This is influence marketing | made w/ imgflip meme maker.

8 Influencer marketing memes for managers

From crafting influencer marketing briefs to writing up an influencer marketing contract, there’s so much happening. 

Feeling pressured?

Take the load off. 

Take a break with these influencer marketing memes. 😆

I found the perfect influencer my brand.

Passion? Energy? Drive?

Unable to sleep at night? You sound like a marketing manager!

When i launch the perfect influence you know marketing i am an influence marketing manage myself.

This is an industry secret: success is never easy.

It takes time, effort, and the right influencer search engine.

Influence marketing is easy right? | made w/ imgflip meme maker.

And let’s be honest.

The majority of our time is spent searching for influencers, vetting influencers, and finding the right fit.😩

Me looking for influencers influencers everywhere me looking for influencers influencers everywhere me looking for influencers influencers everywhere.

But when you find the perfect influencer, you know that the engagement rate is going to be high. And high is never high enough. 😅

The engagement rate is too damn high.

And then there’s this scenario. You found a great influencer but forgot to check if the influencer matches the brand. Disaster! 😆

When brands use the wrong influencers.


And there you have it: 28 epic influencer marketing memes. May they make you chuckle and smile. 

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