9 Must-try influencer search engine tools

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Marketing Tips

Are you looking for an influencer search engine? With over 35 different influencer search engines available, spotting the perfect fit for your brand can be tricky.

Join us at Click Analytic as we take a deep dive into the best influencer search engines available. When you use the best tool, you get the best results.

What is an influencer search engine?

An influencer search engine is your go-to online tool for finding influencers. 

Just type in your needs – think industry, audience size, or platform – and bam! 💣

It dishes out a list of influencers matching your criteria, just like Google but for influencer marketing

An influencer search engine is all about connecting brands with the right social media stars. 

Use it to skyrocket your marketing game.

Find influencers with ease, boost your brand’s visibility, and nail your marketing goals!

Benefits of using an influencer search engine

Here’s why an influencer search engine is a must in your influencer marketing toolkit:

👉 Pinpoint precision: Find the exact influencer match for your brand. No more guesswork!

👉 Save time: Cut down hours spent on influencer hunting. Quick, efficient, and spot-on.

👉 Expand your reach: Discover influencers across platforms you haven’t even tapped into yet.

👉 Data-driven decisions: Get insights on influencer performance. Make choices backed by numbers, not just hunches.

👉 Budget-friendly: Find influencers that fit your budget. No more overspending for quality influence.

👉 Diverse choices: Access a global pool of influencers. Break boundaries, go international!

👉 Track trends: Stay ahead of the curve. Spot rising stars and trending influencers effortlessly.

Our review of the 9 best influencer search engine platforms

Are you looking for the best influencer search engine? We pitted the best of the best against each other. Here’s our review of the 9 best free and paid influencer marketing tools available:

1. Click Analytic

The homepage of the best influencer marketing search engine.

Let’s start with the best influencer search engine.

As a part of the Click Analytic team, I’m thrilled to share insights about our influencer search engine designed for marketers. 

It’s a powerhouse in influencer marketing, featuring a vast database with over 200 million influencer profiles from key social media platforms. Think TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. 

Our influencer search engine offers deep insights into audience demographics, making campaign management and competitor analysis more effective than ever​​.

Key Features:

🎯 Largest influencer database with 200+ million profiles

🎯 Comprehensive audience insights

🎯 Streamlined campaign management

🎯 In-depth competitor social media analysis


✅ Vast influencer database: Access to over 200 million influencer analyses, ideal for finding the perfect match.

✅ User-friendly interface: Simple UI/UX, ensuring efficient influencer tracking.

✅ Nano and micro-influencer insights: Specialises in finding influencers that match specific audience needs.

✅ Unique sorting feature: Ability to sort influencers based on their brand collaborations.

✅ Time-saving analytics: Relevant data and highlighted insights that save considerable time​

✅ Evolving features: We’re constantly working to add more features and enhance user experience.

✅ Resourceful customer service: Actively improving guidance resources like tutorials for users​


❌ New software: Click Analytic is relatively new, and we expect plenty of updates in the future.


Packages start at €45, catering to diverse marketing needs, from startups to large teams. The pricing reflects the tool’s significant utility and time-saving capabilities​


Click Analytic is a leading influencer search engine offering unparalleled insights and efficiency. It’s an indispensable asset for any digital marketer looking to optimise their influencer strategy.

2. Upfluence

Our Upfluence review

Upfluence, born from the idea to promote organic collaborations for a necktie business, has evolved into a robust influencer marketing platform. 

It’s designed for brands and agencies to convert customers into brand ambassadors and execute scalable influencer campaigns. 

The platform supports end-to-end campaign management.

It is especially tailored for direct-to-consumer and eCommerce brands with powerful integrations like Shopify and WooCommerce​​.

Key Features:

🎯 Extensive influencer database

🎯 Influencer campaign management from search to payment

🎯 Integration with eCommerce tools and CRMs

🎯 Native promo code generation and tracking

🎯 Whitelabel ambassador sign-up page creation


✅ Rich influencer database: Offers a large selection of influencers worldwide, suitable for all brand types.

✅ Precise search tool: Known for its highly accurate influencer search capabilities.

✅ User-friendly: Easy to use with clear workflows, especially beneficial for established campaigns.

✅ e-Commerce integrations: Effective integration with eCommerce platforms to identify influential customers​.


❌ Complexity for newcomers: Can be overwhelming for those new to influencer marketing.

❌ Limited audience analysis: Beyond basic demographics, the audience analysis tools are somewhat constrained.

❌ No free trial: Currently, Upfluence does not offer a free trial, which could limit the opportunity for potential users to explore the platform before committing​.


Upfluence’s pricing starts at a steep $795 per user/month. This high entry point could be a significant consideration for smaller brands or those just starting with influencer marketing​​​.


While Upfluence stands out with its comprehensive influencer database and user-friendly interface, it’s more suited for businesses with established influencer marketing strategies rather than newcomers to the field. 

The lack of a free trial and its relatively high pricing might deter smaller businesses or those on a tight budget.

3. Kitly Business

The homepage of a social media website.

Kitly Business was created by Anthony Richardson, a former military member turned entrepreneur. 

Frustrated with the limitations of existing influencer marketing solutions, Richardson sought to offer something unique, focusing on data integrity and a comprehensive approach for both creators and brands/agencies. 

This led to the development of two interconnected platforms, Kitly for creators and Kitly Business for brands and agencies, providing a seamless influencer ecosystem​​.

Key Features:

🎯 Dual platforms for creators and businesses

🎯 Emphasis on data integrity

🎯 Comprehensive influencer marketing services


✅ Attractive interface: Kitly Business boasts an appealing and user-friendly interface.

✅ Intuitive workflow: The platform’s workflow design is straightforward, making it easy to navigate.

✅ Reliable data: Offers audited performance data for influencers, ensuring accurate and trustworthy information​


❌ Limited payment processing: One notable drawback is the lack of payment processing functionality within the platform​.


Kitly Business offers a single subscription tier at $99 per month, or $79.17 per month if billed annually. 

This tier includes access to all platform features, with the ability to add up to 25 creators, customise 25 media kits, manage three campaigns, and generate three reports.

While the platform offers a 30-day free trial, there are usage limits on each feature, though custom plans are available for those needing more extensive capabilities​.


Kitly Business emerges as a well-rounded influencer marketing platform with a strong focus on data integrity and user-friendly design. 

Its unique approach, catering to both creators and businesses, makes it a valuable tool for brands and agencies of all sizes. 

However, the lack of an integrated payment processing feature could be a drawback for some users. 

The pricing is competitive, especially considering the platform’s comprehensive features and the option for customisation.

4. HypeAuditor

A website with an image of a cat and a cat.

HypeAuditor has evolved from a simple Instagram fraud detection tool to an all-in-one, comprehensive influencer marketing platform. 

It supports the entire lifecycle of influencer marketing campaigns, providing brands with powerful tools for influencer collaboration and performance monitoring. 

Boasting an AI-powered influencer database with over 68 million accounts across major social media platforms, HypeAuditor is continually growing and adapting to the needs of modern social marketing​​.

Key Features:

🎯 Extensive database of 68+ million influencer accounts

🎯 In-depth fraud analysis and audience quality assessments

🎯 Full-cycle influencer marketing tools, including campaign management and reporting

🎯 Innovative recruitment tools like Lookalikes, Social Listening, and Influential Customers

🎯 Comprehensive Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) system

🎯 Detailed analytical reports for multiple social platforms​


✅ Massive influencer database: Over 50 million accounts across major channels, ensuring a wide selection for brands.

✅ Advanced analytics: Offers in-depth insights, including audience quality and fraud analysis.

✅ User-friendly interface: Simplifies campaign management and influencer outreach processes.

✅ Continuous updates: Regularly adds new functions and capabilities to meet evolving market demands​.


❌ Limited Facebook data: HypeAuditor’s offerings are slightly limited in terms of Facebook data insights​.


HypeAuditor offers two pricing editions: Starter at $299 per month and Pro at $499 per month. 

While it provides a range of robust features, the pricing might be steep for smaller businesses or those just beginning with influencer marketing. 


HypeAuditor presents itself as a robust influencer marketing tool, ideal for brands and agencies seeking comprehensive, AI-driven insights and campaign management features. 

Its extensive database and advanced analytics make it a powerful choice for in-depth influencer analysis and campaign optimisation.

However, the lack of detailed Facebook data and the higher pricing tiers may limit its accessibility for some businesses.

5. Affable.ai

A website design for influence marketing.

Launched in 2017, Affable.ai is an influencer marketing platform that has quickly matured into a comprehensive enterprise software. 

Developed by a team with a blend of software development and marketing expertise, Affable.ai stands out with its AI algorithms that continuously gather data from the social web

The platform focuses on the entire sales funnel, not just the top and bottom, analysing engagement within specific target audience subsets.

Its global reach, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific market, makes it a popular choice for regional and international brands alike​​.

Key Features:

🎯 Full-funnel influencer marketing analysis

🎯 AI-powered influencer data collection

🎯 Targeted towards the Asia-Pacific market


✅ Negative filters: Allows exclusion of unwanted results in search.

✅ Unique reach feature: Identifies audience overlap between influencers.

✅ Integration with sales tracking software: Seamlessly works with other sales tracking tools.

✅ Comprehensive funnel approach: Analyses not just overall engagement but also engagement within target audience segments​.


❌ Data silos: Influencer data isn’t aggregated across channels; each exists in a silo.

❌ Limited lower tier plans: The lower tier plans offer restricted features, limiting their usefulness for smaller businesses​.


Affable.ai offers three service levels, with the pricing undisclosed publicly.

The SME plan, presumably for small and medium businesses, offers basic features. 

The Pro plan includes more advanced features like unlimited search and a dedicated account manager. 

The Enterprise plan provides the most comprehensive services, including customisable accounts for team collaboration and extensive campaign management tools​.


Affable.ai is an impressive platform for medium to large brands and agencies, especially those targeting the Asia-Pacific region. 

Its focus on the entire sales funnel and unique features like negative filters and unique reach analysis make it a valuable tool in influencer marketing. 

However, the lack of pricing transparency and limited functionality in lower-tier plans may be a drawback for smaller businesses or those with limited budgets.

6. Storyclash

A website with the words brand-fit creators with ai.

Storyclash started in 2016 as a social media monitoring tool, focusing on social listening to gather comprehensive data. 

Its evolution into an influencer marketing platform leverages this extensive data collection, setting it apart from competitors who began directly with influencer marketing. 

This Austrian-based company emphasises data’s role in influencer authenticity, using its rich data history to assist brands in campaign conceptualization and influencer selection. 

Storyclash’s journey from data analytics to influencer marketing has positioned it well in the German-speaking market, with ambitions to expand further​​.

Key Features:

🎯 Originated as a social listening tool

🎯 In-depth data collection and analysis

🎯 Transition to a comprehensive influencer marketing platform


✅ Content-based discovery: Effective in finding influencers compatible with brand values.

✅ Social listening for competitor research: Utilises its original social listening capabilities to aid in comprehensive competitor research.

✅ Brand collaboration calendar: Visual representation of influencers’ work history aids in assessing their suitability​.


❌ Lack of psychographic data: Absence of detailed audience psychographic data for deeper audience analysis.

❌ Geographic restrictions: Discovery feature has geographic limitations, possibly affecting global campaign reach​.


Storyclash offers multiple plan levels:

Discovery: Priced at approximately €299/month, includes unlimited searches within one country.

Campaign tracking and reporting: Starts at around €599/month, offering unlimited campaigns and in-depth tracking across various platforms.

Enterprise: Custom pricing, tailored to specific organisational needs​


Storyclash’s unique journey from a social listening tool to an influencer marketing platform lends it a distinctive edge, particularly in data utilisation and authenticity assessment. 

However, the platform’s limitations in psychographic data and geographic scope could restrict its utility for some brands. 

7. Influence.co

The homepage of a website with an image of a person.

Influence.co, established in 2016, uniquely combines an influencer marketing platform with a social media approach. 

Unlike typical influencer marketplaces focused solely on campaign execution, Influence.co nurtures a community where authentic, long-term relationships between brands and influencers can flourish. 

The platform has impressively grown its community to over 250,000 members, including 150,000 influencers and 70,000 businesses, without heavy reliance on publicity or marketing. 

Key Features:

🎯 Hybrid of an influencer marketplace and social media platform

🎯 Community-centric approach fostering authentic connections

🎯 Extensive user base with a focus on organic growth


✅ Personalised insight: The social component provides brands deeper insights into influencers.

✅ Authenticity: A community-focused platform that supports genuine influencer-brand relationships.

✅ User satisfaction: The platform has received many positive reviews from its users​.


❌ Basic campaign reporting: Reporting features are relatively basic compared to other platforms.

❌ Self-authored influencer profiles: Influencers create their own profiles, which may lack the depth of data-driven profiles​.


Influence.co adopts a freemium model with two main plans:

Business Basics ($0/month): Offers basic functionalities like profile building, community access, basic searches, and campaign creation.

Business Pro ($600/month, minimum 6 months): Includes advanced features like multiple profiles, unlimited searches and campaigns, comprehensive campaign management, and detailed reporting​.


Influence.co’s innovative blend of an influencer marketplace with a social media fabric makes it an attractive choice, especially for small and medium brands seeking authentic influencer relationships. 

While its campaign reporting may be basic, the platform’s strengths in fostering genuine connections and its community-focused nature set it apart in the influencer marketing landscape.

8. Shopify Collabs

A shopify website with the words shopify colors.

Shopify Collabs, an app developed by Shopify, is designed to streamline the process of finding and managing creators and influencers for brand marketing. 

It stands out by providing tools for both merchants and influencers, facilitating mutual discovery and collaboration. 

This approach enables brands to effectively engage with content creators who align with their brand identity and marketing goals​​.

Key Features:

🎯 Extensive influencer and content creator database

🎯 Direct links to influencer social accounts for authenticity checks

🎯 Customisable branded application pages for influencer applications

🎯 Affiliate marketing tools with unique commission and discount links

🎯 Comprehensive commission tracking and payment facilitation

🎯 Advanced analytics for influencer assessment and group organization

🎯 Facilities for sending personalised gifts to influencers​


✅ Broad influencer database: Offers a wide range of influencers and creators across various social platforms.

✅ Affiliate marketing support: Efficient tools for managing affiliate marketing, including commission tracking.

✅ In-depth analytics: Provides valuable insights to identify and group influential collaborators.

✅ Gift management: Simplifies the process of sending gifts to influencers, enhancing engagement​.


❌ Shopify dependency: This platform is limited by its dependability on the Shopify ecosystem.


Shopify Collabs is free to install for Shopify store owners, making it a cost-effective solution for eCommerce businesses looking to explore influencer marketing. 


Shopify Collabs is an ideal solution for Shopify merchants seeking to leverage influencer marketing. 

Its comprehensive tools and features support a wide range of influencer marketing activities, from discovery to management and payment. 

However, it’s best for those already ingrained in the Shopify ecosystem.

9. Discover.ly

A screen shot of a web page showing a group of people.

Discover.ly is a sales intelligence software that offers significant utility for job hunters, salespeople, recruiters, and entrepreneurs. 

This tool specialises in scraping social media profiles and presenting matching profiles across various platforms, making it a valuable asset for anyone seeking to expand their network or find specific contacts based on social media presence​​.

Key Features:

🎯 Social media profile scraping across multiple platforms.

🎯 Integration with Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

🎯 Ability to save and export profiles of interest for further analysis or outreach​


✅ Rapid loading and ease of use: Known for its quick loading times and user-friendly interface.

✅ Reliable functionality: Operates correctly most of the time, enhancing productivity.

✅ Free usage: The basic functionalities of Discover.ly are available free of charge​.


❌ Profile mismatches: Occasionally, the tool may mismatch profiles, which could lead to inaccuracies.

❌ Outdated design: The interface and design of Discover.ly are in need of a modern refresh​.


Discover.ly operates on a freemium model. The basic features of the tool are free to use. 

However, there is a mention of a premium version for saving contacts, but as of the writing, this option seems to be unavailable, and there is no detailed pricing table provided on the website​.


Discover.ly is a robust sales intelligence tool, especially useful for professionals looking to leverage social media for networking and outreach. 

Its strengths lie in its quick functionality and ease of use, making it a practical choice for various users. 

While the tool is free, some of its features, like profile saving, may require a premium version, which is currently unclear. 

The need for an updated interface might also be a minor drawback for some users. 

A man in a lab coat is holding a clipboard with social media icons.


And there you have it: 9 epic influencer search engine tools to add to your marketing kit.

Skip the wait and grab a free trial of Click Analytic, the best influencer marketing platform around. With Click Analytic you can quickly find the perfect fit for your brand story.

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