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Unlike Upfluence, Click Analytic is built directly for SMEs and lets you automate all your influencer programs easily!

No credit card required 💳

4.8 on G2

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Click Analytic vs Upfluence

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How Click Analytic Differentiate from Upfluence?

It is the smartest way to automate your influencer collabs:


Explore the world’s largest influencer database and effortlessly find the ideal influencer for your needs.

Track & Export Content

Track and export content, streamline the process and save your time and effort.

Overlap of Followers

Track the content of your influencer campaigns in real-time, with valuable insights and updates on their performance.

Looking For The Best Influencer Search Tool?

At Click Analytic, we focus on bringing real results to our clients!

Marketing teams love us

Karen T.

“Click has really good and accessible prices and it is really easy to understand using the software.”

Louise Alips

“As a small e-commerce business vetting influencers was extremely manual and difficult but Click helped us professionalize our approach, it’s game changer!”

Karine A.

“Deep analytical insights, and great customer service!”

Mary Li

“It helped us set up and scale our influencer program to generate +10K new sign up’s in less than a month. Click Analytic has helped me to reach a wider audience and achieve impressive results.”

Beckii Flint

“Click was life changing for our team… It’s a great addition to our skillset during creator identification”

Alexandre D.

“With Click Analytic I have the feeling that I found the right software!”

Sanket Bacchuwar

“With Click Analytic, I have complete confidence that I can find the perfect influencers for my campaigns.”

Riya C.

“Best tool hands down for influencer marketing!!”

Toni R.

“Super simple UI and UX make Click Analytics the perfect choice for influencer tracking!”

Main Questions to Compare

Click Analytic to Upfluence

What is Upfluence used for?

> Get Upfluence if you mainly need a campaign management tool as their influencer Discovery is very limited (3M influencers)

> Click Analytic is the best tool to identify ANY creators in the world and track your campaigns.

How do I get on Upfluence?

> You have to schedule an Upfluence Demo with a sales manager and then pay a yearly fee to access it.

> On Click Analytic you can try the tool for free and already find creators for your business.

Does Upfluence cost money?

> Yes! And it’s ONLY yearly commitments.

> On Click Analytic it’s free to use for 14 days.

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from $45

 Advanced Search Tool

IG Stories Tracking

Cancel Any Time


from $6,000

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A red circle with an x in the middle. IG Stories Tracking

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