How to create an influencer marketing brief: 6 Easy steps

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Marketing Tips

Ever seen a brand’s message get lost in translation? Influencers scratching their heads, deadlines missed, email threads longer than your coffee queue? 

Let’s fix that with a razor-sharp influencer marketing brief. 📃

At Click Analytic, we’re unpacking how to whip up an influencer brief that’s not just a document but a launching pad for your next killer collab.

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Why you absolutely need an influencer marketing brief template

Think of an influencer campaign brief as your campaign’s North Star. It’s your map to clear expectations, packed with juicy details like product insights, key dates, and content dos and don’ts. 

And hey, why reinvent the wheel for each campaign? A customisable template saves time and keeps your brand’s essence consistent across collaborations. ⏰

3 Critical elements of an influencer marketing brief

Influencer marketing brief: A man holding a camera with the words did you know?.

Here’s the deal: your brief needs to be concise but complete. We’re talking:

✅ Big-picture goals and expectations

This is the compass of your campaign. Define what success looks like for you. 

Are you aiming for increased brand awareness, a specific number of sales, or engagement rates

Setting clear, measurable objectives not only provides direction but also helps influencers align their content strategy with your goals. 🎯

For example, if your aim is to boost product awareness, the influencer content should be designed to introduce and educate their audience about your product.

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✅ Campaign structure and elements

Think of this as the architecture of your campaign. Outline the timeline, the number and type of posts, platforms to be used, and any key campaign milestones. 

This structure ensures that both you and the influencer understand the campaign flow and critical touchpoints.

For instance, specifying whether the campaign will include Instagram stories, feed posts, or YouTube videos clarifies the content format. 

Highlighting important dates like product launch events or sale periods ensures timely and relevant content creation.

✅ Your brand’s unique style and messaging

This is the essence of your brand’s identity in the campaign. Communicate your brand’s tone, voice, and aesthetic preferences to ensure content consistency and authenticity. 

Explain your brand’s values, the emotions you want to evoke, and the key messages you wish to convey. This element guides influencers in crafting content that feels like a natural extension of your brand, while also leveraging their unique voice. 

For example, if your brand is all about sustainability and eco-friendliness, the influencer’s content should reflect these themes in both visual style and messaging.

6 steps to create an influencer marketing brief

Did you know? campaigns with a clear influencer brief always perform better.

Here are our 6 steps to write an influencer brief.

👉 Your brand story

Let influencers feel the heartbeat of your brand. Share your values, uniqueness, and all the links to your digital world. Illustrate your journey and mission, inviting influencers to become genuine storytellers of your brand’s narrative.

👉 Campaign overview

Ease them in with a snapshot. Think: “Our Instagram giveaway is the holiday bash of the year!” Detail the campaign’s scope, highlighting its uniqueness and the exciting role the influencer will play.

👉 Content execution details

This is the critical part. You must provide your influencer with the content execution details. 

Here’s what we suggest you include in your influencer marketing brief:

❓ Platforms: Instagram, YouTube, or a swanky event?

❓ Content: Blog posts, Insta snaps, YouTube videos?

❓ Description: Unboxing videos, product-in-action shots?

❓ Voice/Tone: Keep it brand-specific.

❓ Hashtags and brand handles: Don’t miss these!

❓ CTA: Guide the influencer on what action to prompt.

❓ Timing: Set clear deadlines.

❓ Extras: Dress codes, giveaway rules, and all that jazz.

👉 Messaging, inspiration, mood board

Fuel their creativity. Mood boards are a visual feast to align with your brand’s vibe. Provide a collage of images, colours, and themes that encapsulate the essence of your campaign, sparking imaginative and relevant content.

👉 Goals

Paint your campaign’s dream picture. “We’re all about boosting brand awareness with a green twist!”

Set specific, achievable targets, like increasing follower engagement by a certain percentage, to give influencers a clear success benchmark.

👉 Payment terms

Transparency is key. Spell out the what, how, and when of compensation. Ensure clarity around payment schedules and any performance-related bonuses or incentives, fostering a trust-based and mutually beneficial relationship.

💡Pro tip: Learn how to effortlessly create an influencer marketing contract before you launch your campaign.

👉 Remember to add some pizzazz to your brief!

Your brief is more than a document; it’s an invitation to a creative journey. Get visual, embrace creativity, and show some love. Remember, it’s a two-way street of excitement and appreciation.

Common pitfalls to avoid in your influencer marketing brief

Did you know an influence marketing brief can eliminate some common pitfall.

When crafting your influencer marketing brief, dodging these common pitfalls can be the difference between a good campaign and a great one. Here’s what to watch out for:

❌ Vague objectives

Crystal-clear goals are a must. Avoid vague statements like “increase brand awareness.” Instead, aim for specifics like “gain 10,000 Instagram followers in a month.” Precision guides influencers effectively.

❌ Overloading information

Balance is key. Don’t overwhelm influencers with too much detail, but ensure they have enough to understand your brand and campaign goals. Find the sweet spot between too little and too much.

❌ Rigid creativity constraints

Remember, influencers know their audience best. Overly strict guidelines can stifle their creativity and authenticity. Provide clear guidelines while allowing room for their unique style.

❌ Neglecting the brand-influencer fit

Not every influencer is right for your brand. Avoid partnering with influencers solely based on their follower count. Ensure their values and audience align with your brand.

❌ Ignoring legal and FTC guidelines

Compliance is crucial. Ensure your brief includes mandatory disclosures and adheres to legal guidelines. This protects both your brand and the influencer.

❌ Skipping the Call to Action (CTA)

Every influencer post should have a clear CTA. Whether it’s visiting a website, using a promo code, or attending an event, specify what you want the audience to do next.

❌ Forgetting to specify key deliverables

Be explicit about what you expect – number of posts, type of content, posting frequency. Ambiguity can lead to unmet expectations and campaign inconsistencies.

❌ Lack of timeline clarity

Deadlines drive action. Specify clear timelines for content creation and posting. This helps manage your campaign effectively and aligns with your marketing calendar.

❌ Underestimating the brief’s impact

A brief isn’t just a formality; it’s a strategic tool. An underdeveloped brief can lead to misaligned expectations and missed opportunities.

❌ Failure to update and revise

As your campaign evolves, so should your brief. Be open to making adjustments based on feedback or changing circumstances.

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A well-crafted influencer marketing brief is the cornerstone of successful collaborations. 

By leveraging these guidelines and our influencer marketing platform, you’re set to launch campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience and align seamlessly with your brand’s vision.

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