Top 5 Best TikTok ads with Influencers (2023)

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I know that you are looking to optimise your TikTok Ads, and I’m here to help.
Do you know this CRAZY fact about TikTok Ads’ performance?
If you include an influencer in your TikTok Ad content, you will gain 93% more engagement than other types of ads.
True Fact.

According to a recent study, the Best TikTok ads always include creators within their content.

But why is this?

Don’t worry. In this article, we will cover everything, including:

  • Why do the best TikTok ads include creators?
  • 5 best TikTok Ads campaign examples with creators
  • Our tips to increase your Ads performance


Let’s dive in.

What is a TikTok Ad with a creator?

Definition: A TikTok ad with a creator involves partnering with a popular platform user to promote a product.

Basically – Instead of traditional methods with professionally shot content, this approach uses User-Generated Content (UGC) from TikTok creators.

For example, here you can see Charli D’amelio doing an ad for Takis which they could reuse in their TikTok ads:

@charlidamelio you’ll never find me without @Takis. show us your favorite #takis combo #takispartner ♬ original sound - charli d’amelio


It’s often much cheaper and feels more authentic to the user.

Why do the best TikTok Ads include creators?

Since launching in 2016, TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity on social media.

It has now reached over 1bn active users every month.

Most of these users are millennials or Gen Z audiences (18-34).

The platform is also extremely popular among advertisers for several reasons:

– It got an average spent time much higher than any other platform (55min vs. 30min for Instagram).

– It’s available in +150 countries.

110% increase in engagement compared to Instagram Reels Ads.

But what is the role of creators in all of this?

Well, if you decide to boost your business with TikTok ads, you will need to use creators in your content.

Here’s why according to TikTok, you should include creators in your TikTok Ads:

1. Viewers watch the content longer

2. Creators are better at capturing attention 

3. But also connecting with users

Using influencers on your TikTok ads will, without a doubt, bring more success to your campaigns.

Don’t forget that TikTok is about entertainment!

Now, we have another surprise for you.

We selected the top 5 Best TikTok Ads

This list will help spark you creativity and show clear examples of successful TikTok Ads using influencers, we selected the top 5 Best TikTok Ads.

We will explain how they used those creators in their content and achieved significant results.

This list will help you to properly navigate building your own succesful TikTok influencer campaign.

5 best TikTok Ads campaign examples with creators

  1. #UGGSeason
  2. BMW x Dannero
  3. Taco Bell UK = 13M views
  4. Garnier Creator Challenge = 250M Views
  5. ASOS, the creator machine

1. UGG – Seasonal Sounds

UGG had their biggest comeback this year, and it was all thanks to their strategic use of influencers on the TikTok platform.

The well-timed #UGGSeason campaign highlighted the boots’ seasonal link and relevance, focusing on selling their mini UGGs.

And this took the booties to new levels of viral… 

Photo: UGG

👨🏻‍🍳 The Influencer Recipe for the Best TikTok

  • Worked with well-known American actress Keke Palmer as their ambassador to kickstart the mini UGGs campaign.

  • Keke Palmer was an authentic influencer choice, being known for owning more than 50 pairs of UGGs.

  • They worked with her to generate a new viral TikTok sound for creators to produce their own content to.

  • The video was a successful catalyst for getting other influencers to mimic/copy/spread the sound.

  • Influencers like @mimiarr used the sound organically, meaning #UGGSeason gained traction fast. The campaign took advantage of the change in seasons.

  • Further UGC bonus results obtained as a result of the viral sound.
@kekepalmer Y’all heard it here first!! It's #UGGSEASON HONEY. 🍯 🔥 I already know I’ll be absolutely LIVING in @UGG® ♬ UGG Season - Keke Palmer

TikTok Influencer Campaign Results

👀 11.6M views on original Keke Palmer TikTok featuring the organic audio.

📈 On Google Trends, search interest in UGG increased by 880% compared to August this year.

👁 113.5M views on the TikTok hashtag #UGGSeason.

2. BMW – Influencer Focused Creative Direction

BMW worked with TikTok creator @Dannero for their #CircularAngles campaign, with the objective of bringing BMW’s activations at IAA Mobility to life on the app.

The luxury vehicle manufacturer also wanted to generate awareness for their brand vision around circular economy.

With the help of this huge TikTok content creator, BMW also hoped to increase their reach after creating a new account on the platform.

👨🏻‍🍳 The Influencer Recipe for the Best TikTok

  • BMW developed the first ever branded content series in collaboration with Dannero. 

  • Partnered with an authentic influencer, experienced in working with video effects & editing.

  • Using the hashtag #ReimagineToday, BMW utilised a suite of three One Day Max In-Feed Ads to achieve their mission with the creator.

  • A combination of innovative storytelling and special creator involvement makes BMW‘s approach to influencer marketing one of the best TikTok ad examples.


@bmw Can we #ReImagineToday ? Watch @dannero try to solve a mystical quest at the #BMWIAA ♬ original sound - bmw

TikTok Influencer Campaign Results

👁️ 42M+ impressions.

💓 390K+ likes.

👥 36K+ new followers.

3. Micro-influencers = Massive Results 🌟 Taco Bell UK

Taco Bell UK wanted to create a campaign that raised awareness for their UK restaurants, as well as showcase their hero product the Crunchy Taco.

Their aim was to reach the TikTok community and call attention to their presence in the market.

They wanted to connect with users in an authentic way.

Using TikTok influencers to highlight both the food and attitude of Taco Bell was naturally a strategy for success: 

👨🏻‍🍳 The Influencer Recipe for the Best TikTok

  • Both influencers were smart choices as they appealed to various subcultures on TikTok.

  • Reach & Frequency In-Feed Ad campaign utilised with the promotional creator content to connect with a broad demographic.

  • The content was upbeat, fun and made use of in-app editing to ensure a native TikTok feel.

TikTok Influencer Campaign Results

👀  13.3M views across 3 ads with creator @jaeedwardds.

📊 24.7% VTR.

👁️ 4.5M impressions.

📈 40% Increase avg. watch time.

4. Garnier France – Creator Challenges

Garnier France encouraged many creators to take part in their campaign to promote a new line of vegan haircare products targeted at Millenials and Gen Z.

Posing a challenge for influencers and users alike to participate in was a key component in spreading the word about this new line…

👨🏻‍🍳 The Influencer Recipe for the Best TikTok

  • Garnier used influencers for product promotion in the formats of a One Day Max In-Feed Ad and a TopView Lite.

  • A branded hashtag challenge(#fructishairfoodchallenge,) with a 2D Branded Effect enabled users to create before/after transition videos which highlighted the benefits of the product line.

  • The best user-generated videos were compiled to create a mash-up and were promoted using Brand Premium In-Feed Ads.

  • Featuring creators in their TikTok ads recorded above benchmark CTRs.

  • Generated brand awareness and quality engagement in the space of one month.

The bonus outcome?

The challenge resulted in additional product sales since users often ended up buying the products themselves for the videos.

@garnierfr #FructisHairFoodChallenge 🍌💛 par la famille ! Comme @enzotaistoi ♬ son original - Garnier

TikTok Influencer Campaign Results


🎥   109,000+ videos created by over 48,000 TikTok users.

💫  18% increase in awareness.

🌟  27.5% increase in ad recall.

5. ASOS – The Multiple Creator + Challenge Formula

Online fashion retailer ASOS opted for next-level influencer marketing to showcase their trendy items for Gen Z and Millenial audiences.

Creating the #AySauceChallenge accompanied with a matching sound saw the brand motivating influencers and users to “channel their ASOS vibe.”

These posts expressed each influencer’s style featuring three different outfits.

👨🏻‍🍳 The Influencer Recipe for the Best TikTok

  •  The influencer campaign involved more than 25 content creators in the UK and US, with a combined following of over 219 Million.

  • Love Island‘s: Luke Trotman, the Neffati Brothers, Loren Grey, Michael Le and Jordan Fisher are just a few huge influencers who participated in the challenge.

  • Bespoke audio with an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience.


  • TikTok’s branded effects drove awareness and increase visibility.

TikTok Influencer Campaign Results

👀 1.2 billion views in 6 days.

💫  +25% brand awareness increase.

🎥  488K videos produced by 167K unique users.

🌟  15.79% engagement rate.

Mariah Carey – Aligning with Annual Events

Mariah Carey proves the power of taking advantage of annual, worldwide events.

It’s similar to how UGG emphasised its relativity to the transition of the seasons…

Except Mariah took things one step further with her links to online meme culture –

She capitalised from two seasons and annual events simultaneously!

@mariahcarey IT’S TIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!! 🎄🎉❤️#MariahSZN ♬ original sound - Mariah Carey

This is one particularly stellar campaign of many other TikTok ads examples from Mega Influencers that cleverly plays on users’ anticipation for hugge seasonal calendar events.

Released on 01/11, the TikTok referenced both spooky season and the impending Christmas Holidays…

Of course not without using Carey’s hit single ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You!’

This TikTok feeds into the idea of cyclical theory, stressing the benefits of attaching your brand to an annually repeating event.

TikTok Influencer Campaign Results


Best performing TikTok ads: Our Findings

After reviewing these 5 Best TikTok ads from household name brands, we hope you have gained further insight into how to effectively work with influencers on this lucrative platform.

❗️Click Tip:❗️ Above all, it’s important to bear in mind that promotional content created on TikTok shouldn’t feel like an ad.

Using a content creator on TikTok will drive the best awareness because of the platforms natural ability to boost content.

Its advanced algorithm, refined tools for maximum content optimisation and variety of advert formats are just some tools that will ensure the success of your ads.

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