Rhode Skin’s product launch wins again

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Influencer News

Okay, beauty world, step aside. 🚶

Rhode Skin, with trendsetter Hailey Bieber at the helm, just dropped another marketing masterpiece. 

And it’s got the internet buzzing. 🐝

Their latest stroke of genius? 

A sleek, stylish phone case that doubles as the chic new home for their peptide lip gloss. 

Forget boring product launches – this baby is equal parts practical and undeniably cool

At Click Analytic, we’re looking at how Hailey’s social media reveal wasn’t just a standard product launch; it was an interactive and memorable moment

And trust me, the internet took notice. 👇

So what happened?

Rhode Skin unveiled a revolutionary phone case for their famous peptide lip gloss.

This Instagram post, courtesy of Hailey Bieber, was a marketing masterstroke. 


The endless search for lip gloss in your bag!

Yes, this phone case blends convenience and style.

The result?

👉 A product that resonated with followers globally.

And this product resonated because it solved a real-world problem. Clever!

Rhode Skin also harnessed Hailey’s vast social influence to spark widespread excitement.

We used our influencer vetting platform to learn more about Hailey’s social influence:

🎯 This mega influencer has an average 5.59M views on her Instagram Reels.

🎯 She has 50.83 million followers.

🎯 70% of Hailey’s audience is female.

And here’s the cherry on the cake:

Rhode Skin’s strategy brilliantly leveraged social media anticipation, utilising exclusivity and sneak peeks to captivate Hailey’s audience. 

They introduced a must-have that marries functionality with fashion.

But wait, there’s more.

This strategy transforms every mirror selfie into a subtle, ongoing advertisement. 


A woman is taking a selfie in a fur coat.

By turning users into brand ambassadors and their social feeds a showcase for Rhode Skin’s innovation.

This marketing strategy shows us the value of: 

Understanding your audience, 

Meeting their needs, 

Selecting the right channels and influencers to spread your message. 

The result?

Another epic marketing win for Hailey and Rhose Skin.

What can we learn from Rhode Skin?

Ah, stepping into the influencer marketing arena like Rhode Skin did? 

That’s the spirit! 💪

Let’s break down how your brand can mirror their kind of splash in the digital pool, shall we?

✅ Solve real-life puzzles with a dash of innovation:

Your mission? Get into the nitty-gritty of your audience’s daily gripes, and then, bam hit them with solutions that are as cool as they are clever. 

Make your brand the hero in their everyday story.

✅ Craft engagement that sticks

Rhode Skin really took the cake by marrying the everyday phone to their lip gloss. They made sure their product was always at their audience’s fingertips—literally. 

Your play? 👀

Look for those creative angles that weave your product into daily life in ways that are fun, unexpected, and utterly indispensable. Make being part of your brand’s world an absolute no-brainer.

✅ Make social media your stage

Teasers, sneak peeks, countdowns—social media is ripe for stirring excitement around what’s coming next. 

Rhode Skin, with Hailey Bieber’s star power, turned product drops into major events.

Want proof? Just look at how they stole the weekend with another product launch.

So, spark anticipation that has everyone talking. 

Every launch should feel like the premiere of the hottest show on TV, with your audience holding their breath, waiting for the curtain to rise.

✅ Personal touches are pure gold

Rhode Skin didn’t just sell products; they sold pieces of a story that fit perfectly into their customers’ lives. 

Names, packaging, the whole shebang—it all spoke directly to the heart. 

Your goal? 

Weave personalisation into your product line and marketing messages so each customer feels like you’re speaking just to them. It’s about turning your brand into a friend they’ve known forever.

✅ Bounce back like a boss

Challenges? Rhode Skin faced them head-on, turning potential setbacks into proof of their passion and perseverance. 

Brace for bumps with grace and grit, keeping your eyes on the prize and your feet firmly on the growth path. It’s about showing the world that nothing can dim your brand’s shine.


Let’s wrap this up: Rhode Skin’s product launch hands us the ultimate playbook for branding brilliance

It’s about tuning into what the crowd really wants, captivating them with clever twists, and then amplifying it all through the megaphone of social media. 

The secret sauce? 

Crafting campaigns that linger as experiences that consumers carry with them. ❤️‍🔥

It’s this kind of marketing alchemy that turns viewers into loyal fans and products into must-haves.

So, here’s to marketing that’s felt with the heart and remembered long after the screen goes dark. Ready to make your mark in a way that’s unforgettable?

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