Is 2024 the year of the brand ambassador?

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Influencer News, Marketing Tips

Brace yourself.

At Click Analytic, we’ve seen the return of an old trend: brand ambassadors.

Yes, 2024 will be the year of the brand ambassador.

But why? 😱

Aren’t brand ambassadors old-school news?

Can they really appeal to a young, digital-savvy audience?

Let’s find out. 👇

7 Brand ambassador deals to watch this year

Let’s kick off by looking at what the major brands are doing with brand ambassadors this year.

J.C. Penney teams up with influencer LaDarius Campbell

First up is J.C. Penney. Yes, the brand that’s suffering financial woes.

Their goal with this brand ambassador partnership?

👉 J.C. Penney is hoping to shake things up with Dallas-based influencer LaDarius Campbell. 

They’re launching a menswear line that screams, “Come back and please buy from us!

What’s this collaboration all about?

Instead of going with traditional posts and celebrity endorsements, Campbell will be hosting interactive events and masterclasses.

With his 432K followers on Instagram, Campbell’s live styling events and interactive masterclasses promise new and exciting approaches to customer engagement. 

It also reflects a shift towards experiential marketing.

And we’ve seen how well experiential marketing worked out for Hailey Bieber and Rhode Skin.

But is it enough to flip the script on J.C. Penney’s financial woes?

Only time will tell.

❌ Because not all brand ambassador partnerships work out. ❌ 

The proof? 

Check out this next brand ambassador partnership. 👇

Solo Stove switches from Snoop Dogg to Ann Kim and Zachary Fowler

There’s a plot twist in this brand ambassador saga! 

Solo Stove’s done a 180. 😵‍💫

They’re bringing in chef Ann Kim and outdoorsman Zachary Fowler as their new brand ambassadors.

But wait, wasn’t Snoop Dogg a Solo Stove ambassador?

Yes, after a flop show with Snoop Dogg, the brand’s trying to recover with 2 new ambassadors. 

Are they onto something big with this dynamic duo? 🤷‍♂️

Fowler and Kim are set to spark new customer flames. 

We’re talking 1.2 million Facebook followers and a James Beard Award

But the big question: Will this switch-up ignite sales or fizzle out like the Snoop Dogg deal?

Revlon goes bold with Madelyn Cline

Revlon is also jumping on the brand ambassador wagon.

Their latest move? 

They are bringing “Outer Banks” star Madelyn Cline onboard as their global brand ambassador.

With 25 million followers, she’s set to revolutionise Revlon’s brand story. 

In fact, our influencer vetting platform revealed that 2% of Revlon’s 3M followers are already following Madelyn Cline.

Cline’s taking over in-store displays and global campaigns. 

And they may be on to something. 🤔

Influencer collaborations can lead to a 7% average increase in foot traffic in stores. 

Revlon’s Cline-powered visuals are poised to turn window shoppers into loyal customers.

It’s a high-stakes play in the beauty battlefield.

Schwarzkopf teams up with Sofia Vergara

In other brand ambassador news, Schwarzkopf snagged “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara as their global ambassador.

Sofia isn’t just a celeb. She’s a global icon with a fan base spanning continents. 

And as we’ve seen at Click Analytic, celebrity endorsements can increase a brand’s sales by up to 20%.

The timing is also perfect with Sofia’s new Netflix hit series Griselda.

Schwarzkopf’s launching the ‘What Story Will You Tell?’ campaign.

But here’s the juicy part: It’s all about empowerment and self-expression. 💪

With 60% of consumers preferring to buy from brands that stand for a purpose, this campaign will resonate deeply.

Vergara’s set to star in TV ads and hit the social media stage. 

We think this collaboration could spark a trend. 🔥

Studies show that 50% of people are more likely to follow a brand after seeing a celebrity endorse it. 

Sofia Vergara could be the catalyst for a wave of new Schwarzkopf loyalists.

TAG Heuer and Qin Haiyang

TAG Heuer’s also diving into the brand ambassador waters with Chinese swimmer Qin Haiyang. 

He’s not just a world record holder! He’s now their newest brand ambassador

Qin’s wearing the TAG Heuer Carrera like a badge of honour.

The impact extends beyond sales. A 2023 study revealed that celebrity-athlete endorsements can enhance brand prestige by 30%.

But will this alliance strike gold in the competitive world of luxury watches, or is it just treading water? 🌊🥇

Pandora’s Be Love campaign

Pandora’s going big with their ‘Be Love’ campaign, roping in Chloe, Halle Bailey, and Selma Blair. 

That’s a triple-threat move designed to redefine luxury jewellery.

With Chloe and Halle’s youth appeal and Selma Blair’s timeless elegance, Pandora is targeting a broad demographic spectrum.

👉 They’re mixing diversity with star power. 

Here’s a fascinating fact: campaigns featuring diverse ambassadors can see a 35% higher engagement rate than non-diverse initiatives. 

Pandora’s playing the long game, but will this star-studded campaign charm its way into consumers’ hearts or fall flat? 💖🚫

We think it will.

With the power of social media, influencer-led campaigns can increase online engagement by 5.7%

Given the Baileys’ and Blair’s significant online presence, Pandora’s campaign is poised for a digital win, translating clicks into clinks of jewellery.

Franklin Pickleball and Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova, the tennis legend with a whopping 4 million followers, is diving into the world of Pickleball. 

But it’s not just about the game – she’s teaming up with Franklin pickleball gear for the Pickleball Slam 2. 

The goal? 

A cool $1M prize in sunny Florida.

But here’s the burning question: Is Sharapova’s star power enough to ace this new venture, or is it a swing too far from her tennis roots? 🤔🌟

Let’s break it down. 

Sharapova can rake in up to 900K views on her reels. That’s a marketer’s dream. 

Influencers with her reach can boost brand visibility by up to 30%

Franklin’s betting big on Sharapova to serve up some serious attention. 🚀📱

The $1M prize is also no small change. 

High-stakes tournaments like these can elevate a sport’s profile by 40%.

What can we learn from this year’s brand ambassador deals?

Pay attention to these insights, and you will succeed. 

There’s a lot to digest, so strap in. 👇

✅ Strategic alignment: The compatibility between a brand’s values and the ambassador’s persona is crucial for campaign success.

✅ Diversity and inclusivity: Embracing a wide range of ambassadors can appeal to a broader audience and enhance brand relatability.

✅ Authentic storytelling: Ambassadors should authentically embody the brand’s narrative. Proof? Look at Schwarzkopf’s campaign with Sofia Vergara.

✅ Leveraging social media: Using ambassadors’ social media platforms, as Revlon and Madelyn Cline demonstrated, can significantly amplify a brand’s reach.

✅ Adaptability and learning: Brands need to be adaptable. Learn from past campaigns, as shown by Solo Stove’s shift in ambassador strategy.

Will your brand be doing the same? If so, grab this free trial of our influencer marketing platform and find the perfect brand ambassador today.

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