Evolved Chocolate and Tinx

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Influencer News

Short on inspiration?

We’ve got an epic case study for you: the collaboration between Evolved Chocolate and influencer Tinx, aka Christina Najjar.

Why should you care?

👉 Because this influencer marketing example shows how brand partnerships pay off.

Want stats?

Evolved Chocolate’s engagements went up by 30.6% with this one partnership.

Join us at Click Analytic as we unravel how they turned a shared love for chocolate into a marketing masterstroke and how you can, too.

It all started with authentic engagement

It all started with a genuine love for the product. 😻

Tinx shared her obsession with Evolved Chocolate on social media. 

Evolved Chocolate took noptice, reached out and and a partnership made in heaven was born!

But wait, who is Tinx?

Tinx is a best-selling author and social media influencer

We used our influencer vetting platform to analyse her social media prowess.

🎯 Tinx has +2M followers on Instagram and TikTok.

🎯 She lands an average of 621.41K Reels views on Instagram!

🎯 Her audience has a 53.63% interest in luxury goods (read: quality chocolate!)

Lesson one: 

✅ Start with genuine product affinity; it’s the foundation of a believable and successful partnership.

The partnership between Tinx and Evolved Chocolate blossomed into a limited-edition pink chocolate bar, envisioned by Tinx as a healthy PB&J chocolate delight. 

Lesson two: 

✅ Involve influencers in the creation process. It adds authenticity and also ensures the product resonates with their audience and beyond.

Evolved Chocolate and Tinx’s shared commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and quality underpinned their collaboration. 

Lesson three:

✅ Align on values. Partnerships grounded in shared principles can drive a deeper connection with consumers.

Launched in time for Valentine’s Day, the collaboration maximised seasonal relevance. 

With availability on various platforms, including Amazon and a pop-up in NYC, the product was accessible to a wide audience. 

Lesson four: 

✅ Timing and accessibility are crucial. Align product launches with relevant moments and ensure easy purchase options.

Evolved Chocolate leveraged Tinx’s diverse platform, from Instagram to her podcast and book, to amplify their message.

Lesson five: 

✅ Use the full spectrum of an influencer’s reach. From social media to other content channels, each platform offers a unique way to engage audiences.

The collaboration didn’t stop at product creation; it extended to interactive elements like the “DIP. WATCH. WIN.” sweepstakes. 

Lesson six:

✅ Engage your audience with interactive campaigns. Like Haylie Bieber did with her bath bomb and the recent phone case product launch.


👉 Because it encourages participation and creates a memorable brand experience.

What can we learn from this partnership?

Here’s what we can learn from Evolved Chocolate and Tinx:

🔥 Start with authenticity: Genuine product love is irreplaceable.

🔥 Co-create: Involve influencers in the product development for authenticity and appeal.

🔥 Align on values: Shared principles resonate deeper with audiences.

🔥 Strategise the launch: Consider timing and ensure broad accessibility.

🔥 Leverage multiple platforms: Use the influencer’s entire network for promotion.

🔥 Engage creatively: Interactive elements can enhance the consumer experience.

Evolved Chocolate and Tinx’s collaboration is a testament to the power of authentic, creative partnerships. 

By following these lessons, you can craft your own successful influencer collaborations, creating campaigns that resonate and endure. 🤩

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