Click Analytic 2023: A year in review

by | Jan 11, 2024 | News and Updates

At Click Analytic, we don’t just follow trends; we set them. 🥊

2023 was all about breaking records, smashing goals, and expanding horizons.

Every step was a giant leap from securing a massive $600K in funding to expanding our AI-powered influencer database and integrating with Klaviyo. 

Ready to dive into our year of awesomeness? Let’s roll! 🚗

How Click Analytic grew in 2023

Here’s what happened at Click Analytic in 2023.

We secured $600K in seeding funds

Did you know click analytic has an ai powered influencer database?.

In 2023, we’ve bagged a whopping $600,000 in funding! 💰

And how did we pull off this spectacular feat? 


We caught the eye of some serious smartpants investors who saw the sparkle in our idea and said, “Let’s make it rain!

We joined forces with La Fongit straight out of the chocolate capital of the world, Geneva

They’re not just investors but our Gandalf in this epic quest. 🧙

Together, we’re on a mission to revolutionise how creators and businesses – no matter their size – bond, connect and create magic in the influencer marketing realm.

What’s our vision? 

Picture this: A world where influencer marketing is as easy as pie and as authentic as grandma’s recipe. 

That’s our vision. We’re gearing up to roll out some mind-blowing tools tailored for influencers and businesses. Tools that’ll make your digital journey smoother than a silk scarf.

Our dream? 

To make yours come true. This isn’t just a cash injection for us. Think of it as your fairy godmother’s wand, waving over your digital dreams. 🪄

We’re here to empower you, the influencer, the brand, the dreamer. We want to make influencer marketing more than a buzzword, a reality – effortless, transparent, and oh-so-real.

This cash avalanche isn’t about filling our coffers but fueling your success. 

We’re in it to make the online world a playground where every business, big or small, can shine and thrive. With this fund, we’re building tools and futures.

We launched a new Instagram tracking feature

Did you know an influence marketing platform can help spot follower takers?.

Brace yourselves because, in 2023, we unleashed a game-changer in the world of Instagram! 

We introduced our all-new, all-smart Instagram Campaign Tracking Feature

Gone are the days when brands and influencer marketing managers had to play detective, scouring through Instagram for tagged posts, combing hashtags, or playing the waiting game for influencers to send over their content.

Who’s got time for that? 🕵️

Every piece of your influencer campaign puzzle falls right into place with a few clicks on our platform. 

We’re talking about a tool so sleek it makes tracking as easy as scrolling through your feed on a lazy Sunday.

Our campaign overview feature is a high-powered microscope that zooms in on each influencer’s performance

In crystal clear clarity, you’ll see which influencer is striking gold and which content makes your audience’s heart skip a beat. 🔮

It’s not just data; it’s your roadmap to understanding what really clicks with your crowd.

Consider us your sidekick in this dynamic world of influencer marketing. 

We’re not just about making things easier; we’re about making them better, smarter, and more impactful

With this new feature, you’re strategising for success.

We expanded our AI-powered influencer database

Long term relationships with influencers build trust and improve engagement.

Hold onto your hats because, in 2023, we also cranked up the volume on our influencer database

How big, you ask? 

We’re talking about a colossal addition of 50 million influencers

Yes, that’s a million with an ‘M’! 🤯

We’re not just playing in the big leagues now; we’re redefining what ‘big’ means in the influencer world.

Our AI-powered influencer database is morphing into an industry titan.

It’s a digital Colosseum brimming with influencers of every stripe and colour, each ready to bring their unique brand of magic to your campaigns.

What’s in it for you? 

Imagine walking into a digital room filled with more influencers than you could ever meet. 

Whether you’re a fresh-faced brand or a seasoned PR agency, this is your ticket to find influencers

More choices, connections, and ways to create campaigns that resonate and reverberate across the digital landscape. That’s why we’re here.

We integrated Klaviyo

Did you know?.

In 2023, we strapped on our jetpacks and soared to new heights by integrating Klaviyo into our platform. Think of Klaviyo as giving your marketing strategy a supercharged energy drink!

What does this Klaviyo integration do?

👉 It ensures your influencer campaigns and email marketing talk to each other.

With Klaviyo’s cutting-edge analytics, you can understand your audience. Tailor your email campaigns with the precision of a master chef, using accurate, juicy data to flavour your influencer outreach strategies.

Every step is interconnected, from the first whisper of an influencer outreach to the boom of an email blast. 

The goal?

To save you precious time and turbocharge your results.

With this power-packed integration, you can finally say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple platforms. 

We’re bringing everything under one roof, making your life easier and your marketing impact harder. It’s time to step into the future of integrated marketing – where influencer outreach meets email wizardry.

We unveiled several new features

A man in a suit with the words did you know?.

2023 wasn’t just about significant changes in the influencer marketing world. We also launched several quality-of-life updates. These new features made our influencer marketing platform one of a kind.

🔓 Unlock creator emails: Finding influencer contacts? Easier than ever. Our new feature gives you instant access to their essential emails. Why? Because direct communication is critical to successful partnerships.

🏷️ Brand mentions: This feature lets you discover creators who’ve mentioned any brand. It’s perfect for identifying influencers already aligned with your industry or values. Think of it as a shortcut to finding brand-friendly creators.

📈 Follower growth tracking: Spot rising stars in the influencer world. This feature helps you identify creators on the rise, ensuring you collaborate with tomorrow’s trendsetters today.

🔍 Keywords & hashtags search: Dive deep into niche markets. Search influencers based on specific keywords or hashtags they use. This precision tool helps you find creators who resonate with your brand’s message and audience.

🎥 Reels Views: Target high-impact short video creators. With our Reels views feature, you can easily find influencers who excel in creating engaging, high-visibility short-form content. It’s all about maximising impact in the fast-paced digital space.

We hosted our first webinar

Did you know? influencers with fake followers can hurt your marketing.

At Click Analytic, we’re all about breaking new ground. 

In 2023, we didn’t just dip our toes; we dove headfirst into the webinar world. 🏊

And, oh boy, did we make a splash! 

Our inaugural webinar, “5 Influencer Trends to Watch in 2024,” was a digital extravaganza.

Imagine having a crystal ball that reveals the future of influencer marketing. That’s what our webinar felt like. 

Led by our very own Paul from Click Analytic and the visionary Dan from 456 Growth Media, this was a treasure trove of insights, foresight, and insider secrets.

FOMO (fear of missing out) hitting hard? 

Worry not! 😂

You can still catch all the action, wisdom, and future-gazing brilliance. 

Just click [here] to watch the webinar. It’s like having a front-row seat to the future of influencer marketing, all from the comfort of your screen.

But why stop at watching? 

Go one step further and share this goldmine of information with your team. 

Grab the presentation deck from our webinar and become the influencer marketing guru in your circle. It’s not just a presentation; it’s your playbook for 2024 and beyond.

This webinar is just the start. 

As we continue to explore and dissect the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing, we’ll keep bringing you the front-row insights, tips, and tricks. 

Stay tuned because the learning never stops with Click Analytic, and the excitement never fades. 🤩

We grew our team

How much should a micro-influencer charge per post? A woman holding a cell phone with the text did you know?.

In 2023 at Click Analytic, we didn’t just upgrade our influencer marketing platform or launch our jaw-dropping first webinar; we went a step further – we grew our family

Yes, our team’s not just bigger; it’s bursting with talent, creativity, and a whole lot of tech wizardry.

Drumroll, please! Let’s roll out the red carpet for our stellar new additions:

Abdel-rehim El-wekil, the Tech Sorcerer:

As the newly crowned head of technology, Abdel is the pulse of our platform. 

With a wand (read: keyboard) in hand, he ensures our influencer vetting platform stays state-of-the-art and light-years ahead of the competition. 

He’s the tech whisperer, making sure everything runs like a dream.

Mane Yesayan, the Digital Artisan:

Joining as our Graphic Design Intern, Mane is the artist painting our digital canvas. 

From the sleek look of our platform to the visual symphony of our newsletters, she ensures every pixel is dripping with our brand essence. 

Her digital prowess brings a fresh, vibrant touch to everything Click Analytic.

Abie Davis, the Word Maestro:

As our head of content, Abie is more than a writer; he’s a storyteller, a word wizard weaving narratives that capture the essence of influencer marketing. 

He keeps our readers hooked, dishing out the latest news, trends, and tips with a uniquely Click Analytic flair.

Thanks to our growing team, 2023 has been a year of epic proportions for us. 

Each new member brings their own brand of magic, making Click Analytic not just a typical influencer marketing platform but a powerhouse of innovation and creativity.

With a team like ours, the sky’s not the limit; it’s just the beginning. 🚀

We’re more than just colleagues; we’re a crew, a clan, a collective of dreamers and doers. And as we continue to grow, we promise to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in influencer marketing.

A man in a lab coat is holding a clipboard with social media icons.


And that’s a wrap! Before I sign off, here’s a last thought: We had an epiphany in 2023. 

It’s all about value, value, and more value

That’s our north star, our guiding light. 

Our aim? 

To serve it up on a silver platter. 

We’re not just delivering a service; we’re providing an experience, an edge, and a way to make every marketing dollar work harder for you. 💲💲💲💲💲

Here’s to the future.

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