Influencer marketing trends:
13 Revolutionary changes
coming in 2024

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Marketing Tips

Influencer marketing trends for 2024 are here!

At Click Analytic, we’re excited to share the inside scoop.

Based on our experience, these are the game-changers your brand won’t want to miss. Let’s dive into the influencer trends that keep you connected and ahead of the curve.

13 Exciting trends in influencer marketing

Let’s explore 13 exciting influencer marketing trends. Tap into these trends, and you’re setting your brand up for a standout year in 2024.

Trend 1: The rise of AI in influencer marketing

A pie chart showing the percentage of people who can use ai.

Let’s face it: by 2024, AI isn’t just joining the influencer marketing party—it’s leading the dance. 

Over 60% of marketers are already harnessing AI, and this is no flash in the pan.

It’s a savvy shift to more targeted and impactful marketing.

For brands looking to keep their edge, embracing AI means finding the perfect influencers and crafting campaigns that hit home with their audience. 

Think about it: 54.5% of marketers are betting big on AI to supercharge their strategies.

A whopping 71.2% are convinced that AI can outdo humans in many marketing tasks. You don’t want to miss out.

Not convinced?

Check out Sam, Samsungs virtual influencer, or how this influencer makes over 30K in 24 hours with AI.

Our Insider Tip: Make AI your ally

⚠️Clever brands will tap into AI in 2024 to get the lowdown on customer behaviour, emotions, and preferences. These insights are crucial to designing campaigns that truly resonate. 

👉 Once you’ve got the inside scoop on your audience, turn to an Ai-powered  influencer analysis and marketing platform to find the best influencer who speaks their language.

Trend 2: Authenticity as the core value

Genuine and flawless and homegrown packaged.

In 2024, authenticity will be the bedrock of influencer marketing.

A staggering 90% of consumers have spoken: keep it real, or you’re not getting their support.

And for the Millennials and Gen Z crowd, this is non-negotiable—they’ll take “genuine and homegrown” any day over “flawless and prepackaged.”

Influencer marketing is perfect for creating authentic relationships.

With nearly three-quarters of brands tracking sales back to influencer ties, brands aren’t just after eyeballs—they want real, relatable connections that ring up the register.

Our insider tip: Partner with pioneers of authenticity

⚠️ Don’t just chase influencers; choose partners who embody authenticity.

When influencers’ content clicks with your audience on a personal level, you’re building trust and boosting your bottom line. And isn’t that the name of the game?

Trend 3: The expansion of video content

A pink pie chart with the words 73% of consumers use product services.

Video content is king.

It’s the golden ticket for brands to forge a dynamic connection with their audience.

And this is one of the influencer marketing trends that will continue in 2024.

Instagram and YouTube, with their Shorts, are pushing this trend.

Shorts and short-form videos, in particular, are juggernauts.

A whopping 90% of marketers have given it a thumbs up, doubling down on their investments in 2023.

And guess what?

Consumers are all in, with 73% preferring bite-sized videos to get the scoop on products or services.

Then there’s live shopping—think of it as the love child of digital reach and the charm of in-store shopping. 

It exploded post-COVID-19. By the end of 2023, we’re talking about a $600 billion bonanza in China and a cool $25 billion in the US.

The trend’s popularity surged by 76%, proving shoppers are all about those real-time, interactive buying sprees.

And who’s spearheading this revolution? None other than Gen Z—the digital natives. In the US and UK, nearly half have jumped on the live shopping bandwagon. 

Video content and live shopping are game-changers for influencer marketing as brands wake up to the goldmine of tapping into the youthful zest for what’s genuine and engaging.

Check out this awesome live shopping example for inspiration and then learn how to find YouTube influencers:

Our insider tip: Hit the right note with your content

⚠️ Tailor your content to echo what your audience loves.

By leaning into short-form videos and live shopping shindigs, brands can ramp up engagement, widen their circle, and, most importantly, turn those views into sales.

Trend 4: Micro-influencers taking centre stage

Micro-influencers - how to use micro-influencers.

As 2024 unfolds, it’s time to zoom in on micro-influencers—they’re grabbing the limelight, and they mean business. 

With their followings snugly in the 10,000 to 100,000 range, these influencers are the new darlings of the digital world, etching out unique spaces for themselves and the brands they vibe with.

Here’s the scoop: their audiences may be smaller, but they pack a punch.

We’re talking about higher credibility, top-notch user-generated content, and conversion rates that make the big players look over their shoulders.

The secret sauce?

Micro-influencers are all about the personal touch.

They’re the friends next door in the digital neighbourhood, sparking genuine chitchats and creating a tight-knit fan base that mega influencers can only dream of.

They forge bonds that turn followers into superfans, making them hang on to every word and, more importantly, every recommendation.

And for the budget-conscious?

Micro-influencers are your wallet’s best friend.

They offer bang for your buck, allowing you to spread your bets across the influencer ecosystem, hitting those niche targets with the precision of a digital marksman.

Don’t let their title ‘micro’ fool you—when it comes to making a splash, they’re whales.

A staggering 82% of consumers are ready to take their word to the bank, which means more eyes on your brand and, more importantly, more products in shopping carts.

Micro-influencers get their followers. They’ve got a sixth sense for what will hit home. Here’s an excellent example of what we’re talking about:

Our insider tip: Think small to win big

⚠️ Get in on the micro-influencer game, like these brands working with micro-influencers. They’re your key to campaigns that look and feel authentic while connecting and converting.

👉 Consider employees or clients as micro-influencers. It’s an innovative, cost-effective strategy to reach the hearts—and wallets—of targeted audiences who trust these influencers as they would their close friends.

Trend 5: Long-term influencer partnerships

An illustration of a scale with a tree on it.

It’s clear that quick flings with influencers are out—lasting relationships are in. 

Sure, one-off campaigns can create a buzz as loud as a beehive, but they don’t keep the honey flowing like ongoing engagements do.

Here’s the nitty-gritty: Content creators are looking for stable brand relationships. Right now, 46% of them, micro-influencers included, are finding it tough to land those coveted long-term deals.

But the tide’s turning. 

Influencers are on the hunt for a steady gig.

And businesses?

They’re realising that a dedicated brand champ trumps a one-hit-wonder any day of the week.

What’s the real deal with these long-haul partnerships?

Think of them as a two-way street—chock-full of ongoing chatter and fine-tuning that makes the magic happen. 

We’re talking about a six-month to two-year courtship that plants the seeds of mutual growth and blossoms into solid trust with their audience.

Let’s face it: when an influencer stands by a product time and again, it’s not just a recommendation but a testament.

Our insider tip: Go for the long haul

⚠️Make the shift to long-term influencer partnerships.

Invest in a deep-rooted tree rather than a seasonal flower—it’ll weather the storms and yield fruits for seasons to come, solidifying your brand’s presence in the marketplace and deepening consumer trust.

Keep at it, and keep your efforts consistent. Repeated efforts will pay off.

Trend 6: Diverse and inclusive influencer marketing

A graph with a pink arrow pointing down.

Did you know? Influencer marketing is growing at 32.5% yearly.

What else do we see for influencer marketing trends?

Diversity and inclusivity aren’t just good deeds—they’re the heartbeat of the influencer marketing world. 

For brands, it’s about holding up a mirror to society in all its varied glory within their campaigns. The time for mindlessly ticking politically correct boxes is out.

Now, it’s time for savvy marketing that strikes a chord with a vibrant, global audience.

And if you need further convincing, here are some numbers: The influencer marketing arena, already booming at $7.36 billion in 2021, is rocketing towards a stellar $69.92 billion by 2029.

That’s a growth rate of 32.5% year on year, laying bare the clout influencers have in wooing consumers from every walk of life.

Our insider tip: Champion authentic representation

👉 Our two cents? Find influencers who are the real deal for your brand. In this day and age, making a splash means more than just telling a story—it’s about ensuring the storytellers are as diverse as the crowd they’re speaking to.

Trend 7: The growing importance of first-party data

First party data vs third party data.

The chatter about third-party cookies is still on the table.

But here’s the real talk: savvy brands are cosying up to first-party data, digging deep into consumer behaviour like never before. 

This isn’t just a tiny shift; it’s a game-changer, allowing marketers to whip up personalised strategies that make influencer campaigns hit the bullseye for relevance and impact.

Think of first-party data as the VIP pass to the consumer’s world—no middlemen, just straight talk from the source.

This is the secret ingredient for influencer marketing recipes that reach an audience and get them nodding along.

And check this out: 81% of digital marketers are praising first-party data, with returns on investment that are just as sweet, if not sweeter, than the old third-party gig.

Whether they’re mining website clicks, CRM nuggets, or straight-up customer chitchat, this intel is pure gold.

Our insider tip: Mine your business data

👉 Our advice? In 2024, double down on gathering and respecting that first-party data goldmine.

Then, bring influencer analysis tools into the mix to spot influencers on the same wavelength as your customers.

This way, your influencer marketing will have engagement and conversions.

Trend 8: Social commerce and shoppability

Two smartphones with the word swipe up on them.

Social commerce will be here to stay. 

What’s the buzz about?

Social commerce is the blend of social media chitchat and the ease of e-commerce shopping sprees.

How does it work?

Social platforms are slipping shopping features into their apps, making that leap from “want” to “got it” as simple as a tap on the screen. 

Take Instagram—they’ve led the charge with their “Swipe Up” feature, turning Stories into instant shopping aisles.

And let’s talk about Stories for a second.

They grab attention; they’re here today and gone tomorrow, making shoppers want to grab deals on the spot. 

That’s the kind of shopping buzz that’s getting wallets to open on impulse, and the numbers are singing, with social commerce sales in the US jumping up by 35.8% to a cool $36.62 billion.

Our insider tip: Shop it like it’s social

⚠️ Weave social commerce into your influencer game plan. This trend is your chance to bridge the gap from “just browsing” to “just bought it” in a few clicks. 

👉 And hey, team up with influencers who’ve got the knack for slipping products into their stories like they’re sharing secrets with their followers—it’s all about that smooth, natural vibe that doesn’t mess with the fun.

Trend 9: Employee advocacy and UGC

A woman is standing in an elevator with a picture of a woman.

Authenticity isn’t just the king—it’s the whole kingdom. 

We’re talking about the rise of employee advocacy and user-generated content (UGC) in the influencer marketing realm.

Companies are waking up to the fact that the folks who clock in daily can be their most convincing champions, wielding the kind of authenticity that can’t be mimicked.

Employees are in the trenches, and when they speak, they bring a flavour of truth that resonates far and wide. It’s relatable and genuine. To the everyday customer, it’s as golden as a five-star review.

Then there’s UGC—think of it as the people’s microphone. It’s raw, natural, and packs a punch that polished ads can only dream of.

From tweets to TikToks, these shout-outs from the heart turn customers into the best influencers.

Get this: 92% of consumers put their faith in UGC over slick commercials.

That’s the kind of trust that turns browsers into buyers as they look to their peers for the real scoop before hitting “purchase.”

Our insider tip: Crank up the UGC volume

👉 Here’s the play: Nudge your employees and customers to take the mic and share their stories. Look at Zara for an example of a successful UGC campaign. Spark a hashtag trend, throw a challenge, or sweeten the deal for those who spread the word. 

👉 When you harness the voices of your in-house crew and everyday users, you’re building a bridge of trust. You’re setting up a fast track to sales with the stamp of authenticity that today’s savvy shopper demands.

Trend 10: Performance and ROI measurement

A woman is holding a shopping bag on a smartphone screen.

As we wade deeper into the influencer marketing trends for 2024, it’s clear that influencer marketing is all grown up—it’s not just about the glitz and glam anymore. 

The spotlight’s swivelling to the real deal: cold, hard influencer marketing metrics and the ROI that makes bean counters smile.

We’re moving past the vanity metrics—likes and shares are so yesterday. It’s about getting down to brass tacks with performance media.

That means taking a magnifying glass to influencer campaigns to see how they’re stacking up in driving sales and nudging those conversion numbers north.

Take giants like Instagram and Facebook—they’re not just social playgrounds; they’re data goldmines, dishing out the analytics that let you track your sponsored content like a hawk.

We’re talking the full monty: from who’s clicking to who’s buying.

Our insider tip: Target your triumphs

⚠️ Start any influencer campaign with crystal-clear KPIs. You’ve got to know what winning looks like—and it’s got to be more than just a thumbs-up on a post.

👉 Bonus points if you use an influencer marketing platform that can help you track these metrics. Whether it’s unique promo codes, affiliate clicks, or straight-up sales figures, ensure you’re keeping your eyes on the prize that pays.

Trend 11: Platform-specific trends

A group of phones with the tiktok app on them.

Zoom into more influencer marketing trends in 2024, and it’s clear TikTok isn’t just part of the conversation—it IS the conversation.

With its snappy short-form videos, it’s the digital playground where users and brands play tag, making it an unmissable slice of the influencer marketing pie.

TikTok’s incredible 100,000+ influencers are making waves across the US alone as of June 2023. It’s a melting pot of influencers that cater to every brand’s flavour.

Looking for the engagement sweet spot?

Most U.S. TikTokers boast followings in the 50k-100k range, striking that perfect balance between a broad reach and meaningful connections.

The platform’s become the go-to for name-dropping some of the globe’s hottest brands—think Shein, Target, Netflix—turning them into household names and even lifestyle synonyms.

Pro tip: Learn how to find TikTok emails before you miss out.

Our insider tip: Sync with a TikTok star

👉 If you’re ready to dive into TikTok’s dynamic stream in 2024, here’s the game plan: zero in on content that clicks with TikTokers.

Find influencers who mirror your brand’s soul with the creative cred your brand deserves.

Trend 12: The subtlety of product placement

A woman holding a megaphone on a pink background.

In 2024, the influencer marketing scene is swapping the megaphone for the whisper when it comes to product shout-outs. 

It’s all about the finesse of subtle product placement instead of outright and annoying shout-outs.

Audiences today?

They’ve got a sixth sense for sniffing out sales pitches.

They crave the real stuff—content that meshes with their scroll, not ads that make them roll their eyes.

The shift to stealth is all about vibing with the viewer’s demand for something genuine.

Influencers are getting slick at slipping products into their narratives, making them stars of the story, not just props on the set.

It’s about painting a picture of the lifestyle, the vibe—the kind of scenes where the product isn’t just there; it belongs there.

Imagine an influencer’s day-in-the-life vlog, and there it is—the product, living its best life, part of the influencer’s world.

It’s a sneak peek into the ‘could-be’ for the viewer, and it’s gold.

Our insider tip: Go for the understated nod

⚠️ Team up with influencers who get their followers like no one else. They’re the ones who can weave your product into a value-packed story that slips into the audience’s daily feed, as cosy as their favourite meme. It’s this kind of subtle, savvy integration that’ll earn you views and a trust badge for your brand.

Trend 13: Ethical and sustainable influencer marketing

A woman is taking a selfie with a green leaf in the background.

The heart of influencer marketing is beating green.

In 2024, it won’t be just about hashtags and handles anymore; it’s about standing for something bigger. 

Audiences are scrutinising and hunting for authenticity not only in influencers but also in the brands they rock with.

Consumers are voting with their wallets, and they’re loud and clear: they want to see brands walk the talk on social and environmental fronts.

This is where influencers come in, not just as faces on a feed but as flag-bearers for change. The collabs we’re seeing?

They’re turning into alliances for the greater good, with influencers who speak to the crowd while speaking for change.

Bonus: Check out this list of the top eco-friendly influencers in the USA. Want to create your own list like this? Use Click Analytic. Get started for free!

Our insider tip: Stand for something

⚠️ Carve out your brand’s ethical backbone and stick to it. Partner with influencers who are more than talk.

They must live the cause, breathe the mission, and inspire change. It’s about connecting with voices that resonate with your brand’s spirit and sparking movements, not just marketing campaigns.

A group of girls are holding their phones and making faces.


Let’s sum it up as we embrace these influencer marketing trends in 2024: the influencer marketing game is all about getting real, diving deep into engagement, and standing up for what’s good. 

Our cutting-edge influencer analysis and marketing platform isn’t just another tool—it’s your compass in this ever-evolving landscape.

Armed with sharp insights and pinpoint analytics, it’s your secret weapon to click with influencers who don’t just share your message but live your values out loud.

Are you ready for these influencer marketing trends?

FAQs about influencer marketing predictions

Got a question about the future of influencer marketing trends?

Our FAQs are your crystal ball into the 2024 trends.

What are the most critical influencer marketing trends to watch for in 2024?

The most critical influencer marketing trends for 2024 include a focus on UGC, diversity and inclusion, the strategic use of first-party data, the integration of social commerce, and a shift towards ethical and sustainable practices.

How is the rise of AI and machine learning expected to transform influencer marketing in 2024?

AI and machine learning are expected to revolutionise influencer marketing in 2024 by enabling more precise targeting, predictive analytics for campaign performance, and personalised content creation at scale.

In what ways are brands expected to leverage micro-influencers in their 2024 marketing strategies?

Brands are expected to leverage micro-influencers in 2024 for their high engagement rates, niche audiences, and cost-effectiveness, fostering authentic connections and community-driven marketing.

What role will ethical and sustainable practices play in influencer marketing for the coming year?

Ethical and sustainable practices will be at the forefront of influencer marketing, with brands partnering with influencers who advocate for social causes and environmentally friendly products, meeting consumer demand for transparency and responsibility.

How is integrating social commerce features anticipated to affect influencer marketing in 2024?

Integrating social commerce features is anticipated to streamline the consumer journey in influencer marketing, allowing for direct purchases from influencer content and enhancing the measurability of ROI for campaigns in 2024.

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