Poppi, Paris Hilton and a pop-up store

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Influencer News

When Poppi set out to launch its new Wild Berry flavour, it aimed high and landed among the stars.


With an influencer marketing strategy that was truly out of this world. 🚀

At Click Analytic, we’re looking at how Poppi (yes, that influencer-created brand) used influencer marketing and a visually captivating pop-up event to create buzz.


Because we can learn from their success and duplicate it in our own campaigns.

Let’s roll. 👇

How Poppi crafted hype with influencer teasers

So, what’s the deal? How did Poppi launch their new flavour? 🤔

The company launched a pop-up shop named Poppi-mart in Los Angeles.

The goal?

To introduce its new flavour, Wild Berry.

The store was decorated in outer space-inspired colours and received thousands of organic social media posts

People lined up for hours before the store opened, including some who travelled from Hawaii. 

The shop was only open from January 26 to 28.

A lot happened behind the scenes for Poppi to succeed. 👇

What happened?

Before the pop-up’s launch, Poppi and its influencers teased the new flavour on social media, building anticipation. Yes, the brand sent out gifts to their influencers and it worked. 👇

💡 Our pro tip: Start the conversation early with teasers to spark curiosity and engagement.

Later, a launch party with Paris Hilton as DJ turned the event into a content creation hub.

Attendees and influencers shared their experiences in a moment that went viral. 

💡 Our pro tip: Leverage celebrity endorsements and appearances to enhance event prestige and shareability. Just like the Super Bowl wants to do with Taylor Swift.

But that wasn’t all.

Poppi’s pop-up, designed with space-age aesthetics and interactive elements, encouraged visitors to share their experiences online. 

Yes, they created an experience. And remember, experiences trump sales pitches.

💡 Our pro tip: Invest in unique, photogenic spaces that align with your brand’s theme to encourage organic social sharing.

Despite challenges like finding the perfect venue and managing tricky equipment, Poppi’s focus on customer satisfaction ensured a positive experience.

💡 Our pro tip: Prioritise problem-solving and customer service to maintain a positive brand image.

By offering exclusive merchandise to the first visitors, Poppi created a sense of urgency and exclusivity. 

💡 Our pro tip: Use limited-time offers to incentivise early participation and boost turnout.

Integrating social media, traditional advertising, and physical experiences, Poppi’s campaign felt larger and more engaging. 

💡 Our pro tip: A 360 marketing approach can amplify your message and reach a wider audience.

Can you do the same?

By building anticipation, creating shareable experiences, and navigating challenges with a customer-first mindset, brands can capture the public’s imagination and propel their products to stellar success. 

How do you get started with your own limited-time event? You grab this free trial of our influencer marketing platform. Find influencers and launch your first campaign today. Quick and easy.

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