Find nano influencers: Unleashing the power of micro-marketing

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Marketing Tips

Are you trying to find nano influencers? If not, you must. Gone are the days when only mega influencers ruled the roost. 🐣

2023 marked the rise of nano influencers, digital mavens with smaller, yet mightier, follower armies. 

Why this shift? It’s all about authenticity, engagement, and niche-specific clout. 

Brands now hunt for these micro-powerhouses to cut through the digital noise. 

At Click Analytic, We’ll take you on a deep dive into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of scouting these hidden gems. We’ll share 5 ways to find nano influencers for your brand. Let’s go!

What are nano influencers?

Choose nano for affiliate marketing and influencer marketing comparison.

Nano influencers are the under-the-radar stars of the digital marketing world. These are influencers with 1,000 to 10,000 followers. They have a highly engaged, loyal audience. 

They’re not your typical celebrities; they’re everyday consumers, relatable and rooted in authenticity.

But why all this talk about finding nano influencers? What’s so significant about them?

🎯 Nano influencers bring high engagement, authenticity, cost-effectiveness, and laser-focused reach

Think of them as your brand’s secret weapon, embedding your message in niche communities with a personal touch that big-name influencers can’t match. 

👉 Nano influencers are the genuine voices that customers trust.

What criteria do I need to identify nano influencers?

Influencer marketing is when businesses collaborate with influential people, typically on social media or other digital platforms, to promote products, services, or brand messages. 

These influencers, who have a sizable and engaged audience, leverage their credibility and reach to influence their followers’ purchasing decisions.

How does influencer marketing work?

🏆 Identifying suitable influencers: The first step is to find influencers whose image, audience, and content align with the brand’s values and target demographic. These influencers can range from celebrities to micro-influencers with niche, dedicated followings.

🏆 Collaboration and agreement: Once suitable influencers are identified, businesses negotiate terms of partnership. This might involve content creation, the campaign duration, compensation, and specific campaign goals.

🏆 Content creation and campaign launch: Influencers create and share content about the brand or product tailored to resonate with their audience. This content could be in the form of social media posts, blogs, videos, or stories.

🏆 Monitoring and engagement: The influencer and the business monitor engagement and interaction on the content throughout the campaign. This includes tracking likes, shares, comments, and, most importantly, conversions and sales.

🏆 Evaluation and feedback: Post-campaign, the effectiveness is evaluated based on predetermined goals and metrics. Feedback is gathered, which can guide future campaigns.

5 Ways to find nano influencers

Find em here hashtags do google search do social media read blogs to explore the effectiveness of affiliate marketing vs influencer marketing.

Got your checklist? Great, let’s walk you through some tried-and-tested methods to find nano influencers.

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If you want to find nano influencers the old-fashioned way, here’s how:

Use Hashtags

You can find nano influencers by harnessing the power of hashtags. The key here is to tap into the specific hashtags these influencers use to connect with their audience.

Here’s what we suggest:

Targeted search: Begin with hashtags that are closely aligned with your brand or industry—for example, #EcoFriendlyLiving for sustainable brands.

Community exploration: Next, dive into these hashtag communities. Look for posts that resonate and check out the creators behind them.

Engagement analysis: Pay attention to influencers who use relevant hashtags with high engagement rates.

Congrats! You’ve found a nano influencer.

Do a Google search

If the hashtag route sounds tricky, you can always try to find a nano influencer through good ol’ Google. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Specific keywords: As you would with hashtags, use precise keywords related to your niche. For instance, “sustainable fashion + Instagram” rather than “fashion influencers.”

Explore beyond page one: Dig deeper into search results. The perfect nano influencer might not be on the first page.

Check blogs and articles: Articles about emerging influencers or niche-specific trends can often lead you to potential nano influencers. For instance, at Click Analytic, we frequently post blogs ranking influencers like this: Top 25 influencers in Armenia in 2023

Google searches require more digging but can uncover hidden gems if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Search on social media

A woman conducting a thorough investigation using a magnifying glass on social icons, exploring the realm of influencer marketing.

You can also find nano influencers on social media. Social media platforms are fertile hunting grounds. Here’s how to do it:

Profile perusal: Start browsing through your own followers or those engaging with your content. They might already be budding influencers in your niche.

Engagement check: Look for profiles with active, authentic engagement. High likes and comments relative to follower count are good indicators.

Content consistency: Evaluate the consistency and quality of their content. It should align with your brand’s values and aesthetics.

Finding nano influencers on social media is often hit or miss. However, you can identify nano influencers already interacting with your brand or within your niche.

Read niche blogs

Niche blogs can be a treasure trove for uncovering nano influencers. Regularly reading and engaging with niche blogs lets you stay informed and discover potential nano influencers making waves in your industry. So, how do you do it?

Identify relevant blogs: Focus on blogs that cater to your specific industry or interest area.

Influencer spotlights: Many blogs feature interviews or spotlights on up-and-coming influencers.

Guest posts: Check for guest posts by influencers, as these can indicate their expertise and influence in the niche.

It takes some legwork, but you can eventually find nano influencers this way. 🕵️

Network (Ask your friends, audience or colleagues)

Of course, when all else fails, you can always ask a friend, coworker, or even your audience to help you find nano influencers. Let’s explain:

Ask your circle: Reach out to friends, colleagues, and your audience. They might know or follow nano influencers that fit your brand.

Community engagement: Engage in industry forums or social media groups. Often, members can recommend influencers they trust and follow.

Word of mouth: Sometimes, the most effective referrals come from casual conversations. Keep your ears open for mentions of influencers in your network’s interactions.

Networking taps into the power of personal recommendations. These recommendations can go a long way but may lack concrete data to validate the nano influencer’s authenticity and reach.

​How do you evaluate potential nano influencers?

So now you’ve found several nano influencers, and you’d like to find out how to evaluate them for the perfect fit. 

After all, understanding the pros and cons of influencer marketing can help you navigate the risks.

Here’s what you should look at when evaluating potential nano influencers:

🎯 Brand values alignment: Ensure their content and values resonate with your brand ethos. Do they represent the image and message you want to convey?

🎯 Campaign objectives match: Check if their style and audience align with your campaign’s goals. Are they likely to engage the audience you’re targeting?

🎯 Recent activity and engagement: Review their recent posts for consistency and audience interaction. Active, recent content with high engagement rates is crucial.

🎯 Audience quality: Assess the authenticity of their audience. Use a fake follower checker and look out for red flags like inflated follower counts or low engagement.

Proper evaluation ensures that your chosen nano influencers are the perfect ambassadors for your brand, driving genuine engagement and results.

💡 Pro tip: Use an influencer vetting platform. This tool offers detailed analytics on influencers’ performance, audience demographics, and engagement metrics, streamlining the vetting process.

How do you collaborate with nano influencers?

Did you find your nano influencer? Perfect. Now, it’s time to start the actual work. Here are a few tips on collaborating with nano influencers.

👉 Personalised approach: Reach out with a personalised message. Show that you’ve done your homework about their content and audience.

👉 Clear communication: Be clear about your campaign goals, deliverables, and expectations. Open and transparent communication sets the foundation for a successful collaboration.

👉 Compensation clarity: Discuss compensation upfront. Nano influencers might accept a mix of monetary compensation, free products, or other incentives. Be transparent and fair in your offer.

👉 Negotiation tips: Be open to negotiation. Nano influencers value partnerships that recognise their effort and influence. A flexible approach can lead to more fruitful collaborations.

👉 Long-term relationships: Consider building long-term relationships. Consistent collaborations can lead to better content and deeper audience engagement.

Case studies and real-world examples of nano influencers

Still not convinced that working with nano influencers is the way to go? Let’s look at some epic examples and case studies proving how powerful these influencers are.

Ritter Sport Chocolate’s nano influencer triumph

A screenshot of the instagram page showcasing a food company's influencer marketing strategies.

Ritter Sport Chocolate’s Limited Edition Unicorn bar campaign is a textbook example of nano influencer marketing done right. 

Engaging 30 nano influencers, this campaign crafted 37 enticing media posts. 

The result?

A stellar 4.41% engagement rate, skyrocketing brand reach to 5,952 and impressions to 7,622. 

Not just numbers, the campaign fueled a 5.6% follower boost, demonstrating nano influencers’ power to magnify brand presence.

Cost-wise? It is impressively efficient at just $0.87 per engagement. Ritter Sport’s strategy illustrates nano influencers’ ability to deliver potent results without breaking the bank.

Aoura London’s fragrant success with nano influencers

A tumblr page showcasing a stunning picture of a woman in a dress, highlighting the power of influencer marketing.

Aoura London’s Body Mist campaign was another example of a nano influencer knockout. 

Their objective? 

Crank up brand buzz, score 300 new Instagram followers, double engagements and impressions, and rake in 100 reviews on boots.com. 

What was their strategy? Nano influencers, armed with their Instagram prowess, showcasing Aoura London’s scents. 

The result was a slam dunk in digital influence. The campaign didn’t just meet targets; it was a game-changer for the brand’s social clout. 

The brand manager’s verdict: a big win for creativity, audience engagement, and a much-needed social boost. 

👉 Nano influencers? They’re the real deal.


Finding nano influencers is a must. They are not just a trend; they’re a revolution. Ritter Sport and Aoura London’s campaigns prove it. 

What’s the secret to finding nano influencers? An influencer marketing platform. It simplifies discovery and analysis.

Harness it to unlock the full potential of nano-influencer collaborations, propelling your brand forward.

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