Rumours of Instagram’s new Flipside feature

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Influencer News

Are you ready for a sneak peek into Instagram’s latest secret

Meet Flipside, the new feature Meta is testing on Instagram that might just redefine your social media sharing game. 

Say goodbye to ‘finstas’ and hello to a more intimate sharing experience! 😱

What is Flipside, and why should we care?

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri keeps us on our toes about Flipside, hinting at its potential to create a “clear space that feels more private.” 

But what exactly is Flipside? 

Imagine a custom profile where you control who sees your content. 

It’s like having a VIP lounge within your Instagram account!

The genesis of Flipside lies in Instagram’s response to the ‘finsta’ phenomenon – those private, often anonymous accounts used for closer circles. 

With Flipside, Instagram could offer a legit, integrated solution for private sharing.

Credit for spotting Flipside goes to reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi and social media consultant Matt Navarra. 

They’ve given us glimpses of this feature in action. 

The idea? 

A cosy corner in Instagram where influencers and creators can share reels and posts exclusively with a chosen few.

How could Flipside affect influencer marketing?

Now, let’s talk business. 

Flipside could be a game-changer for influencer marketing. 💰🤑

Think about it: influencers could create an inner circle for their super-fans, offering exclusive content and a more personalised interaction. 

It’s a potential goldmine for deepening fan engagement and adding a new layer to influencer marketing strategies.

Influencers might shift from wide-reaching posts to more targeted, intimate content with Flipside. 

👉 It’s about quality over quantity, deep connections over broad reach. 

This feature could open new avenues for influencers to monetise their content and foster a closer community.

Privacy and personalisation

Flipside is a smart move by Instagram. ✅

It’s addressing users’ craving for more controlled sharing while keeping them within the Instagram ecosystem. 

This blend of public and private could redefine how we interact on social media.

So, keep your eyes peeled on Click Analytic

We’re just as curious as you are to see if Flipside will flip the script on social media sharing. 

Will it become the new private-sharing norm, or will it be just another feature? 🤔

Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – the social media landscape is in for an exciting shift. 🔄

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