Our TrendHERO review: Pricing, features, and more

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Looking for a TrendHERO review, are you? 🌟 

With influencer marketing growing exponentially and becoming a whopping $13.8 billion industry in 2023, it’s no wonder tools like TrendHERO are in the spotlight. 

At Click Analytic, we’re peeling back the layers to uncover what TrendHERO really offers and how it stacks up in this bustling market. 

Is it the best influencer marketing platform to revolutionise your influencer marketing strategy? Let’s dive into the details and find out! 🚀🔍

Our TrendHERO review: How good is it?

Let’s start this TrendHERO review. We’ll look at what it is, who uses it, its features, pricing, and more.

What is TrendHERO?

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TrendHERO is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform designed to assist brands and marketers in identifying, analysing, and engaging with influencers on social media platforms.

It offers a suite of features focused on analytics, audience insights, and influencer discovery.

Who uses TrendHERO?

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TrendHERO caters to diverse users, including small businesses, marketing agencies, and large corporations.

Its tools are particularly beneficial for using influencer marketing to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Notable TrendHERO features

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What’s next in our TrendHERO review? The features. ⚙️

It’s essential to spotlight the key features that set this platform apart.

TrendHERO comes equipped with a suite of tools designed to enhance your influencer marketing strategy:

👉 Robust influencer discovery: TrendHERO’s powerful search engine is a standout feature. It enables you to find influencers across a myriad of niches. 

💡 Pro tip: While TrendHERO impresses with its search capabilities, it’s worth noting that Click Analytic has a larger influencer database, offering a broader range in certain aspects.

👉 In-depth audience insights: TrendHERO lets you delve deep into the analytics of an influencer’s audience. This feature provides detailed demographic data, interests, and engagement metrics, enabling you to understand and target your ideal audience.

👉 Innovative fake follower check: TrendHERO’s unique fake follower checker tool scrutinises an influencer’s followers, identifying potential fake or bot accounts. This ensures your marketing efforts and investments are channelled towards genuine and active audiences.

👉 User-friendly interface: TrendHERO’s interface deserves a special mention for its intuitiveness and ease of use. Navigating through its features feels smooth and user-friendly, making it accessible even for those new to influencer marketing.

Pros and cons of TrendHERO

TrendHERO review: Did you know 80% of b2b marketers use influencer marketing platform?.

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of using TrendHERO for your next influencer marketing campaign.


Let’s start with the good news.

✅ Comprehensive search and filtering options: TrendHERO allows users to sift through a vast influencer database, thanks to its wide array of filtering options catering to various campaign needs.

✅ Detailed Reports: TrendHERO generates in-depth reports, offering valuable insights into audience demographics and authenticity. This enables brands to make data-driven decisions for targeted marketing.

✅ User-Friendly Interface: The platform provides a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy for users of all skill levels.


And here’s the bad news:

⛔ Limited customisation: Users looking for highly tailored reports that cater to specific metrics or KPIs relevant to their unique campaigns might find the platform’s reporting capabilities restrictive.

⛔ Complex analytics: TrendHERO’s analytics suite can pose a challenge for beginners in the field. It requires a steeper learning curve to utilise the platform’s capabilities fully.

⛔ Lack of integrated campaign management tools: Unlike some of its competitors, TrendHERO lacks integrated tools for managing the entire lifecycle of an influencer campaign.

⛔ Limited support for multi-platform campaigns: TrendHERO primarily focuses on Instagram analytics and influencer discovery.

TrendHERO Pricing

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TrendHERO offers a variety of pricing plans, each tailored to meet the needs of different users, from individual content creators to large agencies:

💰 Free Plan, $0/mo: Ideal for those who want to explore the platform’s interface and features. It provides basic information like engagement rate, follower growth rate, and the ability to save influencers to a list.

💰 Blogger Plan, $15.99/mo: Geared towards individual creators or small businesses. This plan includes influencer discovery, 10 monthly reports, tracking for up to 3 accounts, unlimited lists, analysis of likers and active audience, and ad efficiency. Unused report balances roll over to the next month.

💰 Business Plan, $39.99/mo: Offers everything in the Blogger plan but increases capacity to 50 reports and tracking of up to 20 accounts per month. Users can also discover up to 500 influencer look-alike accounts and search for posts.

💰 Agency Plan, $119.99/mo: This top-tier plan includes all features of the lower plans but allows up to 200 reports and tracking of 50 accounts per month.

Other TrendHERO reviews

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TrendHERO has garnered an overall user rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, reflecting a generally positive reception among its users. 

However, some users have pointed out that while TrendHERO is strong in offering detailed analytics, its focus on specific platforms and certain features may not fully meet the demands of all users, especially those seeking a broader range of social media coverage and deeper insights.

Our verdict: Is TrendHERO that good?

While TrendHERO stands out for its detailed audience insights and fake follower detection, it’s crucial to consider what differentiates it from other tools like Click Analytic. 

For instance, Click Analytic’s broader platform integration and specific focus on B2B influencer marketing provide a nuanced approach to certain marketing strategies. 

TrendHERO excels in its niche, but depending on your specific needs, exploring options like Click Analytic might offer tailored solutions that align more closely with your marketing objectives.

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So, what did we learn from this TrendHERO review? 

It’s clear that TrendHERO offers valuable tools for influencer marketing, particularly with its detailed analytics and user-friendly interface. 

However, suppose you’re just stepping into the world of influencer marketing or considering various tools.

In that case, a better option may be to grab a free trial of our influencer marketing platform. It’s affordable and has over 2M influencers and various tools to help you find the perfect fit.

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