Michael Cera and Cerave

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Influencer News

Celebrity endorsements can make or break a brand.

And yet, it seems the skincare industry might just have found its most unexpected champion yet: Michael Cera. 

Known for his iconic roles as the lovable geek in films like “Superbad” and the recent hit “Barbie,” Cera is charting an unforeseen course into the realm of influencer marketing. 🛳️

And at Click Analytic we think it’s as bewildering as it is brilliant.

Let’s check out what happened. 👇

Michael Cera and Cerave

A viral skincare saga unfolds

The story that’s been captivating social media starts with Cera’s surprising claim during a guest appearance on the “Really Good Podcast.” 

The actor, typically known for shying away from the limelight and social media, made a curious revelation about his involvement with the popular skincare brand Cerave. 😱

Podcaster Bobbi Althoff — who, coincidentally or not, is also a Cerave partner — sat down with the “Arrested Development” actor on Thursday.

The goal?

To discuss his recent outings. 

Cera didn’t exactly deny he had something brewing with the popular brand, Cerave.

I’ve seen a lot of claims you’ve been making lately, starting Cerave.

The actor’s reply? 👇

I don’t claim that but if you look at my name, my name is Michael Cera. I just say look at the name,” he said before teasing, “I like to just say I have some skin in the game. And I kind of leave it at that.

This admission alone was enough to stir the pot, but what followed could only be described as a masterclass in viral marketing.

Cera takes to the streets

Two men standing next to a fire hydrant.

In the weeks following his podcast revelation, Cera was seen engaging in behaviour that’s anything but typical for the understated actor. 

From distributing Cerave lotion to unsuspecting New Yorkers to autographing bottles at Euro Chemist in Brooklyn, his antics caught the eye of both passersby and the digital audience alike. 

What elevated the spectacle was Cera’s playful branding stunt, slapping stickers of his face onto Cerave products, humorously integrating his name with the brand’s logo. 😂

The power of influencer marketing

The involvement of Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil, a Cerave partner herself, further fueled the fire.

Her Instagram post capturing Cera in the act prompted a flood of intrigue (+905K views!) and speculation, perfectly illustrating the magnetic pull of influencer marketing. 

This clever interplay between celebrity status and brand endorsement grabbed headlines and also showcased a new frontier for engaging with audiences.

The ripple effect on social media

A group of people are shown on a social media page.

The stunt didn’t just stop with Cera’s public appearances. 😶

Social media influencers, including those with massive followings like Haley Kalil, joined the fray, sharing their ‘casual encounters‘ with Cera and his Cerave signings. 

You read that right. These weren’t brand photos, but organic interactions with the actor.

We used our influencer vetting platform and saw that Cerave’s audience grew by +11% in the last 3 months

Could it be because of this campaign?

Haley’s 4.18M followers also shared interests with Cerave’s audience. This shows that the brand knows how to pick its influencers.

This orchestrated campaign played into Gen-Z’s appetite for the unconventional and chaotic. 😁

It sparked a viral sensation that demonstrates the sheer impact of creative influencer marketing strategies.

Michael Cera’s foray into the world of skincare influencers, whether genuine or a brilliantly executed marketing ploy, highlights how brands can leverage celebrity influence. 

It’s a testament to the power of authenticity (or the appearance of it) in creating buzzworthy moments that resonate with audiences, particularly the younger, digital-savvy generation.

What can we learn from this campaign?

While the truth behind Cera’s involvement with Cerave remains a playful mystery, the takeaway is clear: influencer marketing continues to evolve. 🤩

The brands that dare to use humour and innovate—embracing the unexpected and the whimsical—are the ones that capture the public’s imagination.

Perhaps the most effective strategy is one that feels as spontaneous and genuine as Michael Cera handing you a bottle of lotion on a New York street.

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