Is Kendall Jenner a good influencer? (Kendall Jenner’s Instagram stats)

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Marketing Tips

Kendall Jenner is one of the most famous influencers in the world.


Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account is the 12th most followed profile in the world, with over 294M followers! 

Can you believe that? 😱

And here’s the cherry on top.

👉 With a single post, she can reach +70M people.

To compare, CNN averaged 587,000 total primetime viewers in February 2023. 

Join me at Click Analytic as I take a deep dive into Kendall Jenner’s Instagram stats using my trusty influencer analysis platform.

Let’s roll. 👇

Kendall Jenner stats: A mega influencer case study

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How to view Kendall Jenner’s Instagram stats

Let’s start with the basics.

I logged in to my influencer database. 

Then, I went to the Analyze & Compare feature.

After all, I want to analyse an influencer. 👇

Kendall Jenner's Instagram Stats

As you can see, I have 3 platform options with Click Analytic: Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

For now, I want to check Kendall’s stats on Instagram.

💡 My pro tip: Check my TikTok vs Instagram guide if you can’t decide between the two social media platforms. You don’t want to waste money using the wrong platform.

I searched for Kendall Jenner’s social media handle on Instagram.

Not sure what their social media handle is? No worries! 

Start typing their name, and the intelligent software lists possible matches.

Like this:

We're Searching For Kendall Jenner's Instagram Stats

Next, our influencer marketing platform shows us Kendall’s datasheet. This data sheet is filled with valuable goodies. Some of my favourites include:

📊 Contact details: No need to manually search for Instagram emails when you can let software do the work for you.

📊 Price estimate: How much does your influencer typically charge for a collab? Your influencer database can show you—no more budgeting woes.

📊 Average Reels views: This feature shows the average views the influencer gets for each Reel they post. This is a great way to calculate the possible reach of your next campaign.

📊 Paid performance: This metric makes it easy to see how well the influencer’s paid posts (read: sponsored content) perform. The better it performs, the better for your brand.

This is what we get when we search for Kendall Jenner using Click Analytic:

A Brief Overview Of Kendall Jenner's Stats

As you can see, we get a ton of valuable data on the first screen.

Kendall has 294M followers, and her followers are growing by 0.37%. That’s great because we want to work with a trending influencer that’s on the rise.

We can also see she’s got an engagement rate of 1.4%. That means around 4M followers actively engage with her content. From experience, I can say this is an average engagement rate for the audience size.

Kendall gets an average of 32M Reels views. That’s pretty fantastic! 😱

Our influencer marketing platform also reveals that Kendall has worked with several brands before, like Calvin Klein, Fendi and Vogue.

Why is this handy?

It helps you avoid working with influencers that have teamed up with your competition. You can also use it to determine how well your brand aligns with the influencer and their audience.

Let’s move on. 👇

Kendall Jenner stats: Audience summary

In my experience, learning if an audience is authentic is one of the most critical challenges for marketers. 

👉 And this is our first step.

Every social media account, especially bigger accounts, has a portion of fake followers. Still, some accounts have more than they should.

Yes, fake followers on Instagram are a real headache. There are several strategies for spotting fake Instagram followers. My favourite and easiest, by far, is to use an influencer vetting platform like Click Analytic.

Kendall Jenner's Instagram Audience Stats

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram audience might be huge, but it doesn’t mean the quality is good. 🤔

At Click Analytic, we developed a general Audience Authenticity Score (AAS), to help brands automatically understand the global quality of an account.

Here’s how we calculate it:  👇

First, we look at the audience types. We group them into three types:

📊 Fake followers or inactive accounts. Our built-in AI automatically detects and flags fake follower accounts.

📊 We also look for other influencers and businesses among the audience with +5,000 followers.

📊 Real active followers.

📊 Then, we look at the mass follower ratio. 

But wait, you may ask, “What are mass followers?

👉 Mass followers are Instagram accounts that follow more than 1,500 other accounts

It’s not normal behaviour and gets flagged by our AI as possible bots or inauthentic accounts.

Now, how can we interpret Kendall Jenner’s Instagram stats?

Kendall Jenner's Instagram Audience Authenticity Stats

Her AAS score is average. 

However, it’s pretty standard for an account of her size. This score is mostly due to the 26% fake followers ratio on her account. 

The influencers/businesses among her followers are low, and the same is true for the mass followers ratio; therefore, it’s a really good audience!

What if I tell you that you could analyse audience quality on ANY Instagram account?

👉 Use my free trial to test it for free on any account – link here.

It’s now time to look at her audience demographics.

Kendall Jenner Instagram: Audience demographics

First things first.

There are no bad or good audience demographics and interests. 

Kendall Jenner’s stats might be a great fit for your brand or a bad fit.

It all comes down to your brand objectives

How do you know if she’s a great fit? 🤔

You must answer several questions:

🎯 What is your target audience? (think: gender, age, location, etc.)

🎯 What is your brand niche?

Let’s review it:

Kendall Jenner's Audience Stats

We can see that Kendall Jenner’s Instagram audience is primarily females between 25 and 34 years old. Still, there is a large male following, with 37% of males following her account.

💡 Here’s a pro tip: If you use the Likers Metrics feature, you will see that female followers mainly engage with her content (78%)

Males are following but not engaging.

Now, let’s look at her audience location.

Kendall Jenner's Instagram Audience Locations

Despite having a large audience in the US (23%), most of her audience is split around the world, making it more difficult for local brands to promote.

Finally, let’s review her audience interests. 

🛑 But first, what are audience interests?

At Click Analytic, we built an AI (another one!) to analyse how audiences on Instagram engage with different types of content. 

First, we identify the categories to which content belongs (for instance, skincare image = beauty and cosmetics)

Next, we look at those content types’ engagement performance, which builds the audience’s interest.

Kendall Jenner Instagram Statistics - Audience Likes

We can see that entertainment (family, friends, etc.) is critical in Kendall Jenner’s content. 

Of course, fashion is another type of content that works well for the audience. 

Looking at Likers Metrics, engaged followers are more interested in fashion content.

Congrats! 🎉🥳

You are now an expert on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram audience. 

So, what does all of this mean?

If you are a fashion brand looking to target a female audience between 18 and 34 based in the US and internationally, Kendall Jenner might be a great fit (if you can afford her).

Not sure about your brand objectives and type of influencers? 

Here’s a freebie: Book a strategy call with me, and I’ll be able to help.

Kendall Jenner stats: Performance stats & reach

When looking at influencers, there are some key influencer marketing metrics to consider, and this is what we will do on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account.

Those stats include:

🕵️ Engagement rate

🕵️ Average Reels views (or video views on TikTok)

🕵️ Growth (Is her Instagram account growing or not?)

Let’s roll. 👇

Kendall Jenner’s engagement rate

How do you calculate the engagement rate on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account?


My classic formula is:

Likes + Comments / Number of Followers

Do this for the last 30 posts to get an average engagement rate.

Kendall Jenner’s engagement rate is 1.41% – which is suitable for her audience size (294M followers).

💡 My pro tip: How do you know whether an engagement rate is good? Use an influencer analytics platform like Click Analytic. It automatically tells you if the engagement rate is good by comparing it with other influencers with the same audience size.

Kendall Jenner’s average Reels views

So, how do we calculate the average Reels views?

First, we look at the average views of the last 30 Reels.

Kendall Jenner’s average Reel views is fantastic!

With a single post, she can reach more than 33 million people! 🤯

💡 My pro tip: You can conduct the same analysis on TikTok or YouTube using an influencer marketing platform.

Now, you should be an expert at getting insights on a creator’s audience, checking their performance metrics and knowing if they have fake followers.

But one critical factor is missing.

Performance on previous collaborations!

Kendall Jenner stats: Previous collabs

My mother always warned me, “You become like the five people you spend the most time with.

Well, it’s the same with influencers. 

To judge a good partnership, you need to know the previous deals that they have done.

👉 Who are they working with?

👉 Do they work with your competitors?

👉 What is the performance on previous deals?

Luckily for you, an influencer marketing platform can detect all the sponsored posts of Kendall Jenner (or any influencer) automatically. 

But not only that! 😁

We can also calculate the performance on each collab and globally on paid posts.

Kendall Jenner's Top Paid Instagram Posts

💡 My pro tip: With the Paid Post calculator, we can determine if Kendall Jenner performs better or worse on paid vs. organic posts.

How do we calculate this? 

We look at the difference in engagement rates between paid and organic posts.

Kendall Jenner Stats - Top Posts

How to find similar accounts as Kendall Jenner

But what if you want more influencers with an audience similar to Kendall Jenner’s Instagram audience?

Once again, an influencer analysis platform comes to the rescue.

Use the Audience Lookalikes feature to discover other influencers with a similar (read: lookalike) audience.

I did it for Kendall Jenner’s Instagram, and here’s what I found:

Influencers like Kendall Jenner

No surprises here. As I suspected, the AI identified influencers like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and even Khloe Kardashian.

You can expand this list by clicking on the Show All button.

Kendall Jenner's Instagram Account Stats

Now, you can add all these influencers to a custom list and then contact them to launch your first exciting influencer marketing campaign. 

Congrats! 🎉🥳

A man in a lab coat is holding a clipboard with social media icons.


And there you have it: A step-by-step analysis determining whether Kendal Jenner is a good influencer. 

What’s next? If you haven’t, grab this free trial of our influencer vetting platform

Use it to find influencers that fit your brand like a glove. Quick and easy.

FAQs about Kendall Jenner’s Instagram stats

Still here? Got some burning questions about Kendall Jenner?

Check out these answers.


How much is Kendall Jenner worth?

As one of the world’s top models, Kendall is worth over $60 million.

What agency is Kendall Jenner with?

Kendall Jenner is with The Society Management, a model management company under Elite Models Worldwide.

How many followers does Kendall Jenner have on Instagram?

Kendall Jenner has over 294M Instagram followers.

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