How influencers and Taylor Swift could impact the Super Bowl

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Influencer News

Are you ready for a deep dive into the seismic shift happening in Super Bowl advertising? 🏈

Super Bowl advertising is a massive affair!


👉 115M viewers.

👉 $7M fee for a 30-second commercial slot.

👉 an economic boost ranging from $500M to $1B!

And yes, now, influencers and megastars like Taylor Swift are changing the Super Bowl.


Fasten your seatbelts because, at Click Anlaytic, it isn’t just about touchdowns and field goals.

It’s about the latest trend that’s rewriting the rules of the advertising game. 👇

Taylor Swift is the first breeze of a new storm

Taylor swift at the kansas city chiefs game.

Imagine the buzz when Taylor Swift, the pop sensation with a Midas touch for ratings, hints at gracing the Super Bowl with her presence. 

We used our influencer vetting platform to analyse Swift’s social media presence.

👉 Taylor has over 280M followers, and her audience is growing at almost 4% monthly! That’s 11M new followers every month.

👉 She gets over 51M average Reels views!

👉 60% of her audience are women.

Advertisers are on the edge of their seats, not just for the game and Swift’s epic stats, but for what they dub, “the Swift effect.” 😮

Her mere attendance at NFL games has historically boosted TV ratings, drawing millions more, especially women. 

With the Super Bowl’s viewership already in the hundreds of millions, Swifties could skyrocket those numbers even further.

Influencers are the new quarterbacks of advertising

But Taylor Swift isn’t the only new player in town. 🧐

Influencers are increasingly becoming the MVPs in brands’ Super Bowl advertising strategies

Forget traditional celebrities in flashy commercials. 😵

The real action is happening in the lead-up and during the game on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter).

For instance, Sabra Hummus diversified its first Super Bowl ad by featuring a mix of influencers and celebrities, including Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” as well as T-Pain and contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” 

The goal?

To showcase the versatility of hummus. 

To maximise reach, Sabra also engaged with nano- and micro-influencers on social media, demonstrating the value of authenticity and engagement that smaller influencers can bring to a brand’s marketing efforts.

Olay’s Super Bowl ad also included comedian and influencer Lilly Singh. They used her substantial YouTube and Instagram followings to promote its message. 

Kellogg’s partnered with Jonathan Van Ness from “Queer Eye” to introduce a new Pop-Tarts flavour. 

Brands like Nerds and e.l.f. Cosmetics are now drafting influencers for teasers and social media buzz.


👉 Because they recognise the unparalleled attention the Super Bowl week commands. 

The NFL itself is deploying creators on the ground in Las Vegas, aiming to engage audiences with a passing interest in football through the relatable lens of their favourite online personalities.

Is this the future of Super Bowl advertising?

Super Bowl advertising is extending far beyond the traditional 30-second TV spot. 📺

Influencers and creators are bringing their A-game, generating content that resonates with a younger, more diverse audience. 

They’re turning pregame buzz and game-day reactions into opportunities for brands to connect in more personal, impactful ways.

As we gear up for this year’s Super Bowl, one thing is clear: the rules of engagement are changing

With influencers and icons like Taylor Swift reshaping the advertising landscape, brands have new avenues to captivate and engage millions. 😍

It’s a brave new world of marketing, where the impact of a hashtag can rival that of a Hail Mary pass.

So, why wait? Grab this free trial of our influencer marketing platform and lead the charge. Every play is a chance to connect with audiences in ways we’ve never imagined. 

Are you ready to see how influencers are changing the game? Because this Super Bowl, the real action might just happen off the field. 🏈

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