Faceless Instagram accounts are taking over social media

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Influencer News

Faceless Instagram accounts are turning influencer marketing on its head. 

Forget the glamour shots and personal branding – a new wave of creators is taking over social media by putting content before ego. 

Say hello to the rise of the faceless creator.

And this trend may just be the future of influencer marketing.

Not convinced?

Faceless marketing has already racked up over 290,000 posts on Instagram with the #facelessmarketing hashtag! 🤯

I found brands are taking notice, too, enticed by the benefits of partnering with these anonymous content wizards.

Join me as I look at what faceless Instagram accounts are and how brands can use them.

Let’s roll. 👇

What exactly is a faceless Instagram account?

A faceless Instagram account is someone who builds an audience through amazing visuals, ideas, or commentary – minus the selfies. 

Their identity remains a mystery as they skip the personal branding to laser-focus on delivering must-see content that drives engagement.

Here’s a great example of a faceless Instagram account. 😄

@the.contentcove crafts engaging lifestyle videos perfect for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Pinterest. 

They offer a subscription service, charging brands a $30 monthly fee for unlimited access to stock videos for use across their social platforms. 

Moving away from the usual emphasis on expanding a social media following and the stress of potential follower loss, this faceless creator focuses on curating a library of stock videography. 

My favourite influencer marketing platform also pointed this out:

The social media stats of a faceless Instagram account

📊 They have 77.30K followers on Instagram.

📊 Their audience has grown by 108.87% over the past 6 months!

📊 They get around 114.79K views per reel!

It’s clear: faceless Instagram accounts can be pretty successful!

But, what other benefits are there in going faceless? 🤔

What are the benefits of faceless creators?

Faceless creators avoid the common pitfalls of traditional influencers:

✅ No more burnout from constant self-promotion. Yes, according to a Later survey, 43% of creators experience burnout quarterly!

✅ No privacy concerns from oversharing personal lives. Not everyone thrives in the spotlight. Anonymity in faceless marketing appeals to individuals who prefer privacy and control.

✅ Full creative control without corporate overlords.

✅ Niche audience-building based on content expertise.

And it’s not just the creators that benefit from this new trend.

For brands, the advantages of tapping faceless creators are hard to ignore:

✅ Major cost savings over celebrity influencer deals.

✅ Brand safety by separating marketing from influencers’ personal lives.

✅ Scaling reach by collaborating with multiple creators in the same niche.

Here’s a fun fact: 86% of consumers crave authenticity in advertising.

Faceless marketing delivers by centring the message over the messenger. 

For example, one subscriber to @the.contentcove raves, “Their lifestyle videos feel so genuine without the hard sell.”

Just think: 60% of customers consider User-Generated Content (UGC) the most authentic form of marketing. Faceless Instagram accounts fulfil this authenticity requirement that traditional influencers may not.

My final thoughts

While personal brands will always have a place, faceless creators signal a profound shift in influencer marketing. 40% of shoppers say user-generated content impacts their purchases.

As video dominates social strategies, smart brands are tapping this trend to drive authentic engagement through faceless tastemakers. The real question is: In a faceless future, will you keep up?

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