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by | Mar 20, 2024 | Influencer News

This week, my team and I discovered a new rising star on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch.

What makes her so special?


📊 40.78% engagement on Instagram,

📊 6.99% on TikTok,

📊 And 8.94% on YouTube.

📊 Nearly 13% audience growth.

📊 +400K average Reel views.

Meet hammybanks, aka Allison. She’s worked with top brands, like Activision Blizzard, Twitch, League of Legends and Samsung!

With +272K followers across her various social media channels, this is one creator to watch.

Join me as I use my favourite influencer marketing platform to learn more about hammybanks.

Let’s roll. 👇

Everything you need to know about hammybanks

Here’s everything you need to know about hammybanks.

About hammybanks

About hammybanks

So, let me tell you about Hammy’s journey—it’s quite the ride. 📚

College had steered her from hygiene to hospitality, landing her in Disney’s embrace. “I saw my future there,” she mused, dreaming of a lifelong career with Disney in sunny Florida.

Her Disney adventure introduced her to vlogging, sparking a love for video creation. Yet, despite this newfound passion, she felt unready to fully commit.

After completing her degree, she moved forward with her life. 

She settled down with her husband and planned a future in the hospitality industry.

👉 Then, the world changed with the onset of COVID-19. 

Suddenly jobless, Hammy found solace in video games, a hobby shared with her husband. 

She dived into the world of Fortnite on a Nintendo Switch, lured by the free gameplay, and quickly excelled, finding joy and a sense of achievement in every victory. 

This gaming passion led her to invest in a PC, a decision that rekindled her love for content creation.

Motivated by her husband’s streaming success, she felt a pull back to her vlogging roots. 

With a fresh perspective, she began streaming on Twitch and, balancing a new job amidst the pandemic, started producing gaming content for TikTok and Instagram alongside her husband.

Now, two years later, content creation isn’t just a job for Hammy—it’s her calling. 

Boasting nearly 200,000 TikTok followers and 75,000 on Instagram, she’s poised for an even bigger 2024. 

Yes, this rising star has recently joined YouTube.

What content does hammybanks create?

Hammybanks is a creator who combines the thrill of gaming with the charm of everyday life with a dash of humour. 

Yes, she’s one-half of a gamer couple that we’ve all heard about.

If you’re scrolling through her content, expect a delightful mix of couple-oriented gaming videos that are as entertaining as they are relatable.

Her content? 

It’s a vibrant blend of gaming sessions where victory royales are just part of the fun.

@hammybanks I swear they didnt go over this in the tutorial… Palworld has completely taken over mine and derricks lifes to the point were up until midnight on WORK NIGHTS… are you playing Palworld??? #gaming #gamercouple #relationshipgoals #lol #relationship #couple #couplegoals #gamingcouple #couplegamers #gamergirl ♬ EnriqueandEmilia - Emiliaaa GM

But that’s not all. 

Hammybanks takes you behind the scenes, with snippets of real-life moments and the occasional sponsored post (hello, #BKPartner).

From her gaming setup to heartwarming couple interactions, she’s serving up #relationshipgoals with a side of #gamerlife.

In essence, hammybanks creates content that’s a unique cocktail of gaming highs, slices of life, and the ups and downs of being part of a gamer couple.

What type of creator is hammybanks?

While hammybanks calls herself a “babycreator”, my influencer marketing platform identifies her as a Super Influencer.

A Super Influencer is an influencer that helps you reach targeted audiences (think less than 300K followers) with specific interests (gaming) and epic engagement rates (up to 40%!)

Next, let’s look at her followers and performance across all of her social media platforms.  👇

Hammybanks’ followers and performance across all her platforms

Let’s start by taking a more in-depth look at hammybanks’ followers on Instagram.

hammybanks instagram stats

📊 Hammybanks has nearly 75K followers on Instagram.

📊 Her audience on Instagram consists of 68% male and 32% female.

📊 The dominant age group is between 25 and 34 years.

On TikTok the demographics are more balanced. 

hammybanks tiktok stats

📊 Hammybanks has 198K followers on TikTok.

📊 Her TikTok audience is made up of 53% male and 47% female followers.

📊 The main age group is 18 to 24-year-olds.

Her YouTube account is still pretty new, but it’s quickly growing!

hammybanks youtube stats

📊 She has nearly 2K followers on YouTube.

📊 Her audience consists of 74% women and 26% men.

📊 Her audience has been increasing by 29% over the last 6 months!

📊 On YouTube, her main age group is the 18 to 24-year-olds.

Let’s look at how well she works with brands. 👇

Previous brand collabs

Hammybanks is no stranger to paid collaborations!

My influencer marketing platform identified her top brand collabs.

They are:

💰 HM Gaming and Logitech. 

This collab scored an epic 555.63% engagement rate.

💰 Impress Beauty. This single sponsored post had an engagement rate of 5.21%.

💰 Another noteworthy collab was this one with Baskin Robbins. She got a 4.16% engagement rate with it!

Great! Now that we’ve analysed hammybanks’ content, audience and brand collaborations, it’s time to look at some of her key influencer marketing stats. 👇

Hammybanks key stats

Hammybanks is one epic gaming influencer.


📊 She gets an average 467K views per Instagram Reel. 🤯

hammybanks social media stats

📊 Her engagement rate on Instagram is 40.78%.

This is far above industry standard and shows how much her audience loves and engages with her content.

hammybanks on instagram stats

📊 Her Instagram followers have grown by 9% over the last 30 days.

It’s not just her Instagram stats that are impressive.

📊 On TikTok she gets an average of 327K views per post.

📊 And on YouTube, she’s starting off with 5K average views.

But this begs the question, what’s her best content?

Let’s check it out. 👇

Hammybanks best content

It’s clear: hammybanks’ audience loves the behind-the-scenes peek at life as a gaming couple.

Take this post as an example:

This single post had an engagement rate of 1,490.93% and has been viewed more than 1M times! 🤯

It’s also fun and humorous posts like this one on TikTok that engage well with her audience.

This post had a 10,610.15% engagement rate and was watched over 2.6M times!

What makes hammybanks so special?

Yes, there are thousands of gamers streaming their adventures online. And yet, so few of them can do what hammybanks did in only a few years.

What makes her different from other gaming creators?

✅ She’s diversifying her portfolio by publishing on several platforms. Think: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitch.

✅ She’s creating organic, authentic content that resonates with her audience. The proof? Epic engagement rates of up to 40%!

✅ She carefully chooses her collaborations. She only works with brands that genuinely appeal to her audience.

It’s clear; hammybanks is one creator to watch.

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