Barilla and Marie Kondo?!

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Influencer News

Have you heard about the latest buzz in the marketing world? 

Barilla, yes, the pasta giants, have teamed up with Marie Kondo, the queen of decluttering, for a campaign that’s as unexpected as it is brilliant. 

Spoiler alert: this campaign got over 1.1M views!

Join me as I explore why this collaboration is generating so much excitement and what it means for sustainability and marketing.

Let’s roll. 👇

Barilla x Marie Kondo is a match made in marketing heaven

At first glance, pasta and organising might not seem like they have much in common, but Barilla and Marie Kondo are here to prove us wrong. 

Publicis Groupe’s LePub agency has recruited Marie Kondo for an unlikely pairing with Barilla Group.

Their campaign, dubbed “Secondhand Box,” is a stroke of genius, aligning perfectly with Global Recycling Day. 

The idea? 

👉 Encouraging us to rethink how we reuse packaging, specifically pasta boxes, to give them a second life.

As Bruno Bertelli, Global CEO of LePub mentioned, Barilla’s campaign was inspired by real secondhand sellers who talked on social media about using old Barilla boxes to ship their clothes.

But wait, who is Barilla’s new star? 🤔

Who is Marie Kondo?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo.

She’s the organising guru who’s taken the world by storm with her unique folding techniques and decluttering philosophy.

With multiple Netflix series, best-selling books, and a strong social media presence, Marie has become the go-to expert in making our lives more organized and joyful.

Marie Kondo and Barilla

And let’s talk numbers for a second.

👉 Marie has 4M followers on Instagram and 700k+ on YouTube

👉 550K+ average views on Reels

👉 90% of her followers are female (mostly 25-34 years old)

👉 43% of her audience are interested in foodie content.

This synergy makes her an ideal partner for Barilla!

The genius behind the Barilla x Marie Kondo campaign

What makes this campaign stand out? 

It’s not just about promoting a product; it’s about promoting a lifestyle. 

Marie Kondo showcases how empty Barilla boxes can be repurposed as packaging for shipping clothes sold on secondhand platforms.

It’s a simple yet powerful message: sustainability can be a part of our daily lives, even in ways we hadn’t imagined.

Barilla’s initiative to align with sustainability efforts not only boosts its brand image but also resonates with a generation eager for eco-friendly solutions.

The campaign idea came from a genuine place—real conversations happening on social media about reusing Barilla boxes. This shows the power of strategic listening and engaging with the community’s real needs and creative ideas.

The outcome?

Marie Kondo’s tutorials have amassed over 1.1M views, proving that innovative partnerships can lead to meaningful engagement and inspire action.

It’s a perfect example of how brands can leverage social listening and create a perfect match with influencers.

My final thoughts

This collaboration between Barilla and Marie Kondo is more than just a marketing campaign; it’s a movement towards more sustainable living practices. It reminds us that sometimes, the most unconventional pairings can lead to the most impactful results.

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