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Access the largest influencer network in the world, featuring every creator with +1,000 followers.

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Analyze influencers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram using the most comprehensive and updated metrics available.

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Identify ambassadors & creators from your own social media audiences.

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Click was life changing for our team… It’s a great addition to our skillset during creator identification”

Beckii Flint

CEO, Pepper Studio

“It helped us set up and scale our influencer program to generate +10K new sign up’s in less than a month. Click Analytic has helped me to reach a wider audience and achieve impressive results.”

Mary Li

Digital Growth & Operations, CAMBLY

“As a small e-commerce business vetting influencers was extremely manual and difficult but Click helped us professionalize our approach, it’s game changer!”

Louise Alips

CEO, Shop Balou


Can I find any creator/influencer on Click Analytic?

Yes. You can find any creator account with more than 1k followers on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

How do you calculate engagement rate?

Click Analytic divides the average likes & comments over the last 30 posts by the number of followers.

How do I check an influencer's credibility?

You can generate a report on any influencer account and check their Audience Authenticity Score. This score will highlight how many fake followers, mass-followers and brands are within the follower base of a creator.

At Click Analytic we strive to provide you with comprehensive influencer profile analytics, offering valuable audience insights and much more. Take a look at the range of metrics available:

  • Audience demographics (Age, Gender, Location by city, interests)
  • Influencer performance (Follower count, Average likes, Engagement rate, Past Paid Post Performance)
  • Vetting (Popular posts, sponsored posts, fake followers)
How is Click different from other platforms?

We possess the largest database of creators in the world and help you access fresh, in-depth data on their audiences + performance stats. Our platform is easy to use and affordable but also lets you track all the results of your campaigns.

Can I find an influencer email?

Yes! You can generate the email addresses of hundreds of influencers simultaneously within our list feature.

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What is UGC content?

What is UGC content?

What is UGC content?

I found some excellent examples of UGC content and am also answering some frequently asked questions about it.

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