8 Shocking influencer marketing statistics you didn’t know

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Marketing Tips

Did you know that influencer marketing statistics are turning heads in the marketing world faster than a viral TikTok dance? That’s right! 🤯

Influencer marketing, once a niche tactic, has now ballooned into a cornerstone of digital marketing, with statistics to prove its skyrocketing impact. 

But what makes it so compelling? 

Why are brands from all sectors scrambling to partner with influencers? 

Buckle up as we at Click Analytic unveil some jaw-dropping stats that will leave you amazed and, perhaps, itching to jump on the influencer marketing bandwagon!

8 influencer marketing statistics to inspire you

Get ready to have your mind blown as we dive into these staggering influencer marketing statistics.

Influencer marketing is worth more than $21.2 billion

Did you know influence marketing was worth only one or two million dollars?.

In 2022, the U.S. influencer market hit a record $16.4 billion​​. 

And hold onto your hats because, by the end of 2023, the global influencer marketing industry is projected to balloon to a whopping $21.2 billion​​! 🤑

From a modest $1.7 billion in 2016, this showcases the thriving vitality of influencer marketing.

So, what does this mean for you? It’s clear as day: influencer marketing is a juggernaut reshaping the marketing landscape.

👉 Pro tip: Dive into this lucrative pool by identifying influencers who align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience. The stats don’t lie; influencer marketing is where the smart money is!

93% of marketers embrace influencer marketing

Did you know? 77% of marketers still don't use influence marketing.

Think influencer marketing is just a trend? Think again! A jaw-dropping 93% of marketers have woven influencer marketing into their core strategies. 

Only 7% are still on the sidelines, watching this unstoppable strategy redefine the marketing game. This stat is a wake-up call for anyone still debating influencer marketing’s value.

👉 Pro tip: If you’re part of that 7%, it’s high time to step up. Dive into an influencer marketing platform and watch your brand connect with audiences in ways you never imagined.

Influencer marketing has an average ROI of $5.20

A man in a suit with the words did you know?.

Ready for some serious ROI talk? Businesses are raking in an average of $5.20 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing campaigns​​. 

To put it in perspective, this outperforms paid search’s 200% ROI. We’re talking about quadrupling investments! 😵‍💫

Investing in influencer marketing is a revenue multiplier, especially for those who play their cards right, with the top 13% of businesses earning up to $20 per dollar spent on influencer marketing.

👉 Pro tip: Maximise your ROI by strategically choosing influencers who align with your brand and have a proven track record of high engagement and conversion.

Influencer marketing drives actual purchases

Influence marketing is a solid strategy for boosting sales.

A whopping 50.2% of consumers have bought a product after seeing it promoted by a social media influencer​​. 

This isn’t just about scrolling past an ad; it’s about watching influencers use, review, and endorse products in a way that drives real buying decisions.

Influencer marketing is a solid strategy for boosting sales.

It’s time to rethink how you present your products – think tutorials, unboxing videos, and compelling before-and-after stories.

👉 Pro tip: Leverage the trust and influence of social media personalities to turn viewers into buyers. Authentic endorsements are key!

Long-term influencer relationships boost sales

Long term relationships with influencers enhance credibility and sales.

Check this out: 70% of consumers are more inclined to buy a product recommended by an influencer with a long-standing brand relationship​​.

This shift from one-off posts to sustained partnerships speaks volumes. It’s all about building trust over time.

For you, this means one thing: Depth beats breadth.

Cultivating long-term relationships with influencers can transform them into genuine brand advocates, enhancing credibility and driving sales.

👉 Pro tip: Focus on nurturing ongoing partnerships with influencers. Their repeated endorsements can significantly boost consumer trust and purchasing decisions.

TikTok is the go-to platform for brands

Did you know? tiktok is now bigger than instagram.

Guess what? TikTok just outshined Instagram, becoming the go-to platform for influencer marketing. 

With 56% of influencer-driven brands now choosing TikTok, it’s eclipsed Instagram’s 51%​​. This isn’t just a trend shift; it’s a whole new playbook for brand storytelling.

What does it mean? It’s time to ride the TikTok wave! It’s all about crafting catchy, relatable content that resonates with a dynamic audience.

👉 Pro tip: Leverage TikTok’s playful vibe to create stories, not just ads. Engage, don’t just promote!

TikTok boasts the best engagement rates

Did you know? head to tik if you're looking for engagements.

Think engagement rates don’t matter? Think again!

TikTok is smashing records, with its largest accounts boasting an average engagement rate of 10.53% – a stark contrast to Instagram’s 0.95% for similar-sized accounts​​. 

For smaller TikTok accounts, the engagement skyrockets to an incredible 15.04%. 🚀

This blows traditional social media metrics out of the water, making TikTok an irresistible platform for marketers aiming to create impactful, engaging content.

What’s the takeaway? If you’re not already leveraging TikTok’s high engagement rates, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to connect with your audience. 

It’s time to craft content that resonates and engages deeply, reaching audiences where they are most active and responsive.

👉 Pro tip: Tap into TikTok’s high engagement by creating content that’s not just seen but interacted with. Engagement is the new currency in influencer marketing!

Instagram’s sweet spot: 25-34 year-olds

Did you know? 25-year-olds make up 25% of instagrammers.

Instagram is buzzing with a key demographic: the 25-34-year-olds! They make up a staggering 46.81% of users. 

The 18-24 crowd is hot on their heels, capturing 33.17%. 

Here’s a twist: more women are scrolling through Instagram in these age groups, with a significant 56% in the 18-24 bracket and 52% in the 25-34 range. 💃

But wait, there’s more! The older crowd (45-54) is predominantly male. This tilt could be why Instagram is slipping behind TikTok in the influencer marketing race.

Key takeaway? If 25-34 year-olds are your audience, Instagram’s your playground. Tailor your campaigns to hit the mark with this dynamic group.

👉 Pro tip: Play the Instagram game right. Connect with influencers who speak to the dominant female audience or explore unique angles with the older male crowd. It’s all about hitting the right notes with the right folks!

A man in a lab coat is holding a clipboard with social media icons.


And there you have it: some shocking influencer marketing statistics you didn’t know. What’s your next step?

It’s time to leverage these stats and make some money.

Grab your influencer marketing platform, find the perfect influencer for your brand, and launch your campaign today.

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