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5 key influencer marketing trends in 2024

As we approach 2024, the influencer marketing will reach a staggering $30.81 billion in ad spend.

This growth brings exciting new frontiers: the rise of TikTok and short video formats, live shopping turning, user-generated content, and more.

But are you ready for this shift?
Do you know how to take advantage of these new trends?

Learn from experts

Paul Boulet

Paul Boulet

Founder & CEO
at Click Analytic

Ex. Influencer Manager at Skyn ICELAND

Guest speaker at University of Neuchâtel

Built a successful AI tool to automate influencer relations

Dan Albert

Dan Albert

Co-Founder at
456 Growth Media

Ex. Senior Agent at CEG

Investor in multiple DTC brands

Owner of the fastest growing Influencer agency in the US

What will you learn?

Navigate TikTok's Terrain

How brands are using UGCs

Harnessing authentic voices

Leveraginge live shopping

And much more!

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December 7
(4pm CET)
45 minutes