The 2023 Top Swiss Watches Ranked

Influencer marketing continues to be a winning strategy for high-end Swiss watch brands, generating buzz and mass appeal for the luxury product.

Recently the Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023 event showcased some of the top watch brands Switzerland has to offer…

But the market is crowded, with Swiss-made watches dominating the international market and accounting for the manufacturing of approximately over 20 million watches per year.

It’s not always clear which brands are excelling on Instagram and reaching new audiences…

Luckily the team at Click have composed a thorough list of the 2023 Top Swiss Watch Brands, ranking them first by most engaged and number of followers from highest to lowest.  

Read on to discover the top-performing Swiss watch brands on Instagram…

1. Rolex

🔥   Engagement rate: 0.77% 

👥  No. of Followers: 13.83M

Not surprisingly infamous luxury watch brand Rolex have amassed the largest audience on Instagram, also being the most followed watch brand worldwide.

With an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 74.52% – this classifies their following as highly authentic. 

Rolex work closely with celebrity and mega-status influencers to showcase their luxury watches.

Some big names include: Roger Federer, Blaise Matuidi and Chris Evert – suggesting a strong preference for athlete influencers.

2. Bulgari

🔥   Engagement rate: 0.28% 

👥  No. of Followers: 13.01M

Bulgari also have a significant following with an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 68.48% – marking the large majority of their following as authentic users. 

Interestingly, Bulgari has a stronger female audience, with 73.02% of the audience being female compared to 26.98%. 

Bulgari work with a combination of super-status and mega influencers (celebrities).

Some notable names include Swiss influencer Jessica Gismondi and rapper Ludacris

3. Cartier


🔥   Engagement rate: 0.10% 

👥  No. of Followers: 12.98M

Cartier have an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 68.68%.

The brand partner with a range of Swiss based and global influencers, focusing on slightly smaller super influencers in Switzerland and mega influencer celebrities on a global scale.

Some influential figures include: Conor McGregor and Rita Ora as well as Swiss influencer Elvira Legrand.

4. Hublot


🔥   Engagement rate: 0.20% 

👥  No. of Followers: 5.8M

Hublot have an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 71.81%. This is a high-quality audience with genuine users.

86.34% of Hublot’s audience is overwhelmingly male compared to the 13.66% female audience.

The brand works with influencers who create content in a variety of niches, including: nutrition, sports and fashion.

Examples include: Andreas Caminada, Mujinga Kambundji and Josevi Tari, with celebrity influencers Kylian Mbappé, Chiara Ferragni and Novak Djokovic.

5. Omega

🔥   Engagement rate: 0.58% 

👥  No. of Followers: 3.61M

Omega work with influencers who cater to a range of niches such as: gaming, sports, music and fashion.

They have an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 70.49% – a strong audience quality.

Notable influencers working with Omega include: Zayn, Ninja, Fanny Smith and Giorgia Mondani.

6. TAG Heuer

🔥   Engagement rate: 0.53% 

👥  No. of Followers: 3.08M

Tag Heuer have an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 72.40% and predominantly work alongside fashion influencers such as Cara Delevingne and Swiss influencer Sandra Rodrigues Pinto.

Other stars working with the brand include Tom Brady and Chris Hemsworth.


7. Van Cleef & Arpels

🔥   Engagement rate: 0.32% 

👥  No. of Followers: 2.5M

Van Cleef & Arpels have an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 65.66% and mainly work with global influencers outside of Switzerland who cater to fashion and cosmetics consumers.

Examples include mega-influencers Lauren Pope and Natasha Graziano, as well as super-influencer Kat Jamieson.

8. Chopard

🔥   Engagement rate: 1.31% 

👥  No. of Followers: 2.16M

Chopard mostly partner with influencers of a mega-status, and have an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 61.71%.

Some stars include Ryan Reynolds and other mega-influencers like Bruna Marquezine and Deepika Padukone. 

9. Richard Mille

🔥   Engagement rate: 1.19% 

👥  No. of Followers: 1.92M

Richard Mille have a high audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 72.57%, as well as a prominent US-based audience of 17.24%.

The brand works with celebrity-status influencers mostly, such as Formula One driver Charles Leclerc.

10. Montblanc

🔥   Engagement rate: 0.22% 

👥  No. of Followers: 1.79M

Montblanc have an audience authenticity score (AAS,) of 67.26%, with a whopping 74.92% of the brand’s following being male.

Montblanc work with versatile, Swiss super-influencers like Charles Legrand who appeal to a broad audience.

Final Observations 🔍

> United States have the overwhelming main audience location across watch brands, where a Swiss audience base is lacking.

> Swiss watch brands often opt for influencers with a minimum of super-influencer status.

> Mega-influencer and other celebrities are the preferred creator type for luxury products.

> Celebrity athletes are the creator niche that produces a high number of audience engagement.

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