Creator to watch: Léna Situations

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Influencer News

This week’s creator to watch is Léna Situations. 

Why? Because she has some impressive social media stats and achievements!

👉 In 2021, Forbes France named her in their 30 Under 30 list. 

👉 In 2022, she attended the Met Gala, the first French influencer to do so. 

👉 Her book, “Always More,” sold over 60,000 copies in its first month.

👉 She climbed Kilimanjaro.

👉 And she worked with top brands like Dior, Adidas and Caudalie.

But we can learn much more about Léna Mahfouf, aka Léna Situations.

Join me as we look at:

⚙️ Her social media stats,

⚙️ Her brand collaborations,

⚙️ Her future plans and more.

Ready? Let’s roll. 👇

Who is Léna Situations?

Léna Mahfouf, known as Léna Situations, is a French-Algerian social media star and author born November 19, 1997, in Asnières-sur-Seine, France. 

Today she is the most famous French influencer and yet you ca still find her strolling the streets of Paris.

A crowd of people are standing around and behind a taxi, some holding up their phones and magazines for autographs or photos. The taxi sign shows "Parisien.

She burst onto the scene with her YouTube channel in 2017 and quickly gained a massive following.

Audiences love her Summer Vlogs.

At the beginning of August, she shares daily 15 to 20-minute videos. in these videos she recounts her daily adventures, all surrounded by her band of friends.

And from season to season, her audience evolved diametrically: from an average of 275K views per vlog in season 1 to about 1.8M views per video, with some reaching nearly 4M views!

I used my favourite influencer marketing platform to learn about Léna Situations’ social media stats. Here’s what I found:

Screenshot of an audience analysis dashboard showing influencer metrics including engagement, reach, and value estimations. The influencer's profile and location in France are highlighted.

📊 Her YouTube channel boasts 2.72M subscribers with 1.3M average views.

📊 She has 4.64M Instagram followers with 5M average reels views.

📊 Her TikTok account has 3.3M followers with 1.36M average views.

That’s a total of 10.66M followers and an average 7.66M views per video!

The cherry on top? 

👉 Her epic engagement rates. This influencer scores an excellent 6% engagement rate on TikTok and Instagram. 

Even her YouTube engagement rate is above industry standard at nearly 4%.

But what content does she create that resonates so well with her audience? 🤔

What content does Léna Situations create?

Léna’s content covers a range of topics, including daily vlogs, fashion advice, and lifestyle tips.

@lenasituations c’est pas compliqué: wear your SPF 😅 vous aussi il y a des phrases d’adulte que vous dites à vos parents hahahha ? #teamsituations #spf #makeup #supergoop #parent collaboration @Supergoop ♬ son original - Lena Situations

Her genuine self-expression and willingness to show her true self in glamorous and everyday moments resonate deeply with her audience. 

She regularly collaborates with other popular influencers such as Sundy, Bilal Hassani, and Jules et Sulivan Gwen.

But there’s more. 😱

Léna published her personal development book, “Always More,” in 2020, which sold over 60,000 copies in its first month. Her book became the number one bestseller in France. 

By August 2021, it had sold more than 370,000 copies!​

Léna’s influence extends beyond the digital world. 

In 2022, she became the first French influencer invited to the Met Gala. And she was there again this year!

Léna’s success is not just limited to content creation. 

She launched Hôtel Mahfouf, a clothing and lifestyle brand, in June 2022, further establishing her as a versatile entrepreneur. 

And today her podcast, “Canapé Six Places,” has become a favourite on Spotify, showcasing her ability to connect with audiences in various formats.

Her podcast is so popular that other influencers like Zendaya,Eva Longoria, and even Cindy Bruna joined.

Léna Situations stands out not just for her follower count but for her ability to maintain authenticity and relatability in an industry often criticised for its superficiality.

Her content resonates so well because of its authenticity and because her audience is interested in her content. Here’s what my influencer marketing platform revealed:

A screenshot shows social media user analytics with the top audience interests list; categories include Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories, Friends, Family & Relationships, and Travel, Tourism & Aviation.

📊 Nearly 41% of her audience is interested in fashion.

📊 37% of her audience is interested in family and relationships.

📊 While 34% of her audience loves travel!

She’s a creator who connects with her audience, making her one to watch.

But what brands are working with her? Let’s find out.

What brand collaborations did Léna Situations work on?

Léna Situations has partnered with several major brands, boosting her profile and influence. 

Here are some of her key brand collaborations:

👉 Caudalie 

Léna teamed up with Caudalie to promote their Vinoperfect serum.

This campaign focused on self-acceptance and authenticity, aligning perfectly with Léna’s brand of transparency and honesty.

👉 Dior

Léna worked with Dior, generating an impressive $4.72M in Media Impact Value (MIV). This collaboration significantly elevated her status in the luxury fashion world.

👉 Adidas

In November 2022, Léna partnered with Adidas to create a sneaker collection. This collaboration was groundbreaking as she became the first French woman to co-create a sneaker line with the brand. 

The collection included four pairs of sneakers, designed in collaboration with 150 of her subscribers, showcasing her commitment to involving her community in her projects​​.

👉 Old El Paso

During Fashion Week, Léna collaborated with Old El Paso in a unique campaign featuring giant tortillas. 

This quirky and engaging collaboration highlighted her ability to merge high fashion with everyday brands in a fun and memorable way​.

With so many achievements, what next can we expect from Léna? 🤔

What does the future hold for Léna Situations?

Léna Situations continues to push boundaries and expand her influence. 

She plans to start an association called Always Plus, which will provide financial advice and support to students. 

This initiative reflects her commitment to giving back and helping young people achieve their ambitions without financial barriers​.

Léna is also making waves with her innovative business ventures. 

In August 2023, she opened a new pop-up store in Paris as part of her Hôtel Mahfouf brand.

This pop-up features a unique mix of fashion, lifestyle products, and a café, creating an engaging space for her fans and followers​. 

The success of her previous pop-ups, such as Le Chalet, which opened in December 2022, shows her knack for blending retail with experiential marketing​​.

Léna also has her sights set on new personal challenges. 

After climbing Kilimanjaro, she plans to tackle other significant feats!

My final thoughts

With ongoing brand collaborations, new business projects, and her ever-growing social media presence, Léna Situations is poised to reach even greater heights. 

Her ability to innovate and connect with her audience ensures that she will continue to influence all of us.

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