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by | May 29, 2024 | Influencer News

Recently, the Hungarian Tourism Agency hosted a large-scale influencer marketing event dubbed “Budapest Influencer Trip.”

Between May 22 and 24, over 50 influencers from 14 countries and 100 content creators promoted Budapest on Instagram and TikTok.

Between them, the 50 influencers have more than 155M followers on Instagram and 176M on TikTok.

That’s over 331M people reached in one weekend! 🤯

But buckle up, because there’s a lot more we can learn from this influencer marketing event. Keep reading if you’re wondering how to pull off a massive influencer campaign that leaves an impact. 

Spoiler alert: It’s all about creating unforgettable experiences.

Ready? Let’s roll. 👇

What was the Budapest Influencer Trip?

Picture this: 50 elite influencers from 14 different countries, each with millions of followers, converging on the stunning city of Budapest.

Even big stars like Hayley Baylee joined in the trend.

This was no ordinary trip; it was a well-orchestrated event by the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ), designed to put Budapest on the map as the must-visit destination for travellers aged 25-40.

Why this age group?

Research from Hungary’s National Tourist Information Center shows a rising trend of younger tourists flocking to Budapest. 

These individuals typically have more disposable income and leisure time—perfect targets for an influencer-driven campaign.

Based on data from the National Tourism Data Supply Center, the young generation seems to be quick to decide to travel if presented with the right content. Moreover, they are willing to travel and spend more.

And who did the Hungarian Tourism Agency choose to get their message across to this select audience demographic? Let’s find out. 👇 

The influencer lineup

The Hungarian Tourism Agency didn’t just invite any influencers; they brought in the big guns. We’re talking about social media heavyweights like:

📸 David Dobrik, YouTuber extraordinaire with over 25M subscribers.

📸 Amy Jackson, British actress and model with 13.5M Instagram followers.

📸 Hannah Stocking, American comedian and influencer boasting 26.4M followers.

And the list goes on with American model Olivia Palermo, boxer Tommy Fury, and more. This star-studded roster was key to ensuring the campaign reached a wide and varied audience.

But the event wasn’t just successful because of the star-studded lineup. They had another ace up their sleeve. 👇

Crafting unforgettable experiences

So, what did these influencers do in Budapest? 

Well, MTÜ rolled out the red carpet with activities that were nothing short of spectacular:

⚙️ City center exploration: Influencers roamed the charming streets of Budapest, capturing its essence through their lenses. Like this reel shows:

⚙️ Private party at Fisherman’s Bastion: This iconic location offered breathtaking views that wowed everyone. The Martinez Brothers from New York spun tracks, and a magician added a touch of magic to the night.

⚙️ Cultural immersion: Visits to landmarks and meetings with notable personalities allowed influencers to experience the rich history and vibrant culture of Budapest. Here’s an example:

With all the glitz and glam, what buzz did this influencer marketing stunt create? 🤔

The impact

While it’s early and data is still coming in, this was undoubtedly a successful influencer marketing event.

👉 Here’s the genius part: influencers didn’t just visit Budapest—they broadcasted their experiences to millions of followers in real time. 

I expect the Budapest Influencer Trip to:

✅ Boost summer tourism and even impact autumn. 

✅ Encourage more travellers to visit.

✅ Build an image. 

Genius! 🤩

So, can we replicate MTÜ’s success? Let’s find out.

How to replicate this success?

Here’s how I suggest we replicate MTÜ success with the Budapest Influencer Trip.

🎯 Choose your influencers wisely: Make sure they align with your target audience. MTÜ picked influencers whose followers are likely to travel and spend.

🎯 Create shareable moments: Give influencers experiences that they can’t wait to share. Unique events and picturesque locations are key.

🎯 Engage locally: Incorporate local culture and landmarks to add authenticity to the campaign. This not only enriches the content but also supports the local economy.

🎯 Monitor and adapt: Keep an eye on the social media buzz and be ready to engage with the audience. Responding to comments and reposting influencer content can amplify your reach.

My final thoughts

The Budapest Influencer Trip is a shining example of how powerful influencer marketing can be. By combining a strategic selection of influencers with unforgettable experiences, MTÜ showcased Budapest in the best possible light and created a ripple effect that will draw tourists for years to come.

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