9 Best US Eco friendly Influencers to follow for World Environment Day

Eco friendly influencers play a vital role in raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices to their engaged audiences.   

World Environment Day 2023 has been a celebration of the planet, encouraging consumers to live more sustainably…

… and the quality content that US eco influencers have ensured this message can be conveyed to their audiences of various sizes!       

Do you have a new green product and are looking for the perfect partner to promote it this World Environment day?

Well look no further than Click’s list of the 9 Best US Eco friendly Influencers for your campaign.

different types of eco friendly influencers - pictured are thegirlgonegreen, Penny tovar and Amber.

In this article you will find the 9 sustainable influencers who bring value and authenticity to sustainable brand partnerships, as evidenced by rich statistical evidence available on Click Analytic.

Top US Eco friendly Influencers on Instagram:

1. Penny Tovar – @pennytovar

2. Shelby Orme – @shelbizleee   

3. Amanda Seghetti – @amandaseghetti

4. The Eco Cosplayer – @the_eco_cosplayer

5. Hannah Claire – @hannahshoneycomb

6. Manuela Barón – @thegirlgonegreen

7. Carly Rose – @backupcarlyrose

8. Alyssa Bolaños – @casabolanos

9. Amber – @sustainablyamber

eco friendly influencers Instagram feeds

What niches can these eco friendly influencers cater to?

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Food and Nutrition       

  • Fitness

  • Yoga

  • Gardening and Agriculture

  • Fashion         

… And do they really drive interest and create positive change in consumer behaviour?

 They sure do!

A study conducted by Unilever reveals that three in four people (75%) are more likely to take up behaviours to help save the planet after watching social media content about sustainability.

With this impressive stat in mind, let’s skip to the good bit…  🚀

1. Penny Tovar – @pennytovar 

Instagram content creator Penny Tovar is an eco friendly influencer creating environmentally conscious content around beauty and fashion products primarily.

As a certified Super influencer, they hold an increased ability and skill to push positive environmental change and offer green product alternatives to a passionate audience.  

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - Penny Tovar

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

Penny boasts an astounding engagement rate of 9.82% aligning with her significant following of 198K.  

Her audience is largely comprised of a female following with their Click influencer report detecting a 93.78% percentage.   

… And this makes sense, as market research firm Mintel found that 71% of women strive to live more ethically compared to 59% of men.

2. Shelby Orme – @shelbizleee

Shelby Orme is an influential figure in the space of green influencers, providing eco-friendly tips and encouraging an active movement of eco warriors.

As well as being a climatarian, this Instagram content creator has been featured on BBC, New York Times, Time and Vanity Fair – establishing herself as a prominent voice in the sustainable influencers community.

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - Shelby Orme

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

Shelby has garnered a massive following of 140K on her Instagram, and has an amazing engagement rate of 23.88% to pair with this feat.

Her average likes are also up 8.49% at the time of posting, and her audience are of an excellent quality, scoring the good audience authenticity score of 81.16%.

3. Amanda Seghetti – @amandaseghetti

Mid-tier influencer Amanda Seghetti is a Los Angeles influencer and green content creator posting content around fitness and DIY tutorials.

Amanda is also a mother, sharing family content that inspires healthy living habits for kids too.

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - Amanda Seghetti

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

She has a commendable audience authenticity score of 77.37% that aligns with her following of 121K followers.

A significant portion of her audience are interested in Friends, Family and Relationships, scoring 51.93% in Click’s ‘Follower’s Top Interests’ category.    

Over half of her Instagram followers are based in the US (56.61%,) with this Instagram content creator having a prominent Top City Location in Los Angeles (2.90%) – the entertainment capital of the world.

4. The Eco Cosplayer – @the_eco_cosplayer

Los Angeles influencer The Eco Cosplayer is one of many sustainable fashion influencers inspiring their audience to make clothing from materials and resources that are more environmentally friendly.

Her goal is to create cosplays out of 100% recycled and secondhand materials, solidifying herself as the perfect partnership candidate for World Environment Day.

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - The Eco Cosplayer

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

Being a Super Influencer with an audience of 109K, this following proves themselves as highly engaged with her content – her engagement rate standing at 15.98%.                    

The Eco Cosplayer has had the opportunity to partner with huge brands such as EA and Gotham Knights, qualifying her as a Instagram content creator with experience.

5. Hannah Claire – @hannahshoneycomb

Hannah Claire is one of many eco friendly influencers offering eco education to the masses in an entertaining and engaging manner.

Her niche as a green influencer centres around protecting bees as a species under threat, giving tips oh how best to care for these precious pollinators.  

Hannah is a multi-talented creator, also juggling her other ventures including photography, writing and being a biologist.

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - Hannah Claire

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

Another Los Angeles influencer with a predominantly American audience (44.36%,) her following is pretty equally split in audience gender, with a ratio of 57.65% Male to 42.35% Female.

6. Manuela Barón – @thegirlgonegreen

Micro influencer creator Manuela Barón is a sustainable living influencer creating aesthetically pleasing content – pushing the narrative that “good things come to those who love Mother Earth.”

Manuela has partnered with a range of brands, promoting everything from shoes made of algae biomass to Panera Bread!

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - Manuela Barón

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

Possessing an audience of 31.9K followers, this green content creator has a strongly authentic audience, scoring a good ranking on Click with a percentage of 83.21%.

Her audience has a significant Female presence, scoring 91.89% on Click’s ‘Followers Genders’ chart.

Furthermore the age demographic of the majority of her followers shows the age group of 25-34 year olds are most interested in consuming her eco conscious content, with a percentage of 42.61%.

7. Carly Rose – @backupcarlyrose

Carly Rose is a Micro influencer providing low-waste, holistic hacks for a greener lifestyle, as well as eco travel tips.

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - Carly Rose

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

With a strong audience authenticity score of 81.07% for her following of 17.4K followers, her organic content appeals to a generous portion of her audience who are interested in healthy lifestyle (49.92%).

The primary area of interest for Carly’s following is Restaurants, Food and Grocery however – which aligns with her nutritional recipe posts featuring smoothie bowls and even chickpea cookie dough!          

She has a very good rated country presence for her following comprised of United States users (62.31%).

8. Alyssa Bolaños – @casabolanos

Alyssa Bolaños is a sustainable Mom promoting easy eco swaps, style and advice for Mothers.

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - Alyssa Bolaños

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

Busting myths surrounding sustainability while raising two bilingual boys, her performance stats reflect a considerable interest in Friends, Family and Relationships, scoring 59.25% with Toys, Children and Baby as a secondary category of significant interest at 59.19%.

Her humble following of 16.3K are passionate, consuming her blog posts and contributing to an increase in likes on her Instagram content at the time of posting (27.78% increase).      

A Latina Mother living in America, her US country presence swallows over three quarters of her following, scoring 77.18% in this category.

9. Amber – @sustainablyamber

Amber is an Instagram content creator posting environmentally friendly content promoting a DIY lifestyle and encouraging upcycling.

eco friendly influencers Instagram feed - sustainablyamber

Key Eco Friendly Influencer Stats

Hailing from San Antonio Texas, this Southern content creator has a well engaged audience of 15.9K following her inspirational tips to ensure a lifestyle that gives back to Mother Earth.

Taking an artistic approach to content creation, Amber nurtures a highly authentic audience, scoring 85.99% for her audience authenticity score.

Her following is also extremely Female, with 95.01% of followers identifying as Female compared to 4.99% Male.

The Best Eco friendly influencers: a Sustainable Summary

Here are the key trends hand-picked for your perusal from the findings of this list:

—> Being a Los Angeles influencer goes hand in hand with green content and eco friendly influencers.

—> This ranking shows a considerable number of Gen Z and Millennials trying to make Los Angeles a more sustainable city – LA brands can tap into this.                 

—> Female audiences are highly receptive and engaged with the content of sustainability influencers.         

—> Finding eco friendly influencers who target a specific niche (e.g cosplay or bee protection) attracts dedicated audiences due to the content’s exclusive nature.

For more exclusive influencer marketing tips and tricks, stay tuned to the Click Analytic blog.