Google uses influencers to promote its AI

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Influencer News

When it comes to launching groundbreaking tech, Google just schooled the marketing world big with influencers.

Their shiny new “Circle to Search” feature for Android is hitting the scene with MVPs – Bronny James, Sha’Carri Richardson, Naomi Campbell, and Brent Faiyaz.

Yes, it’s influencer marketing going off the rails.

This dream team collab is also a bold flex!


It shows Google understands the power of authentic partnerships.

These days, top brands spend up to $1M per multi-channel influencer campaign. 🤯

👉 But money can’t buy the kind of organic cool Google scored here.

Google scored over 9M views with just one campaign!

Join me as I take a deep dive into this campaign and see what Google did.

Let’s roll. 👇

Google unleashes “Circle to Search” with all-star lineup

Google launched its new “Circle to Search” feature by recruiting an all-star lineup of celebrities and athletes.

The roster?

It included big names like Bronny James, Sha’Carri Richardson, Naomi Campbell, and Brent Faiyaz

Google then asked its influencers to showcase the AI-powered visual search capabilities to their massive fanbases across sports, music, fashion and culture.

The marketing genius? 

Google handed the spotlight to creators and athletes adored by millions of fans worldwide.

Now those fans are locked in, intently watching their idols flaunt this futuristic visual search tech.

Just look at the engagement on Richardson’s Circle to Search video – over 875K views and 70K likes so far.

And her fans are loving this sponsored post!

Google's circle to search feature

Her feed is basically a constant ad for the new feature disguised as BTS content. 

That’s influencer marketing gold.

But, Bronny James did even better than Sha’Carri Richardson. 


This video. 👇

Bronny got 3.7M views with this gem!

And as for Naomi Campbell?

She got 1.1M views!

Brent Faiyaz also didn’t disappoint.

This video landed 3.3M views!

That makes it nearly 9M views in one, quick campaign.

The proof is in the data

Google’s research confirmed what the data shows: influencer marketing campaigns earn an average of $5.78 ROI for every $1 spent. 

So they wisely invested in luminaries whose very presence elevates brand perception.

Bronny and Richardson bring authentic street cred, instantly making Circle to Search look beyond fresh for younger demos. 

Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell layers on high-fashion allure to capture the “innovator” crowd.

But the real stroke of genius? 

👉 Bringing singer Brent Faiyaz into the mix for his cult-like following of music fans. 

Now, every corner of pop culture is covered for maximum trendsetter appeal.

With this celeb-stacked rollout, Google flawlessly unleashed the viral “cool factor” that’s so tough for brands to manufacture alone. 

Influencers were the not-so-secret sauce, amplifying buzz to the stratosphere.

It’s a cutting-edge case study proving influencers are indispensable for tech launches targeting mainstream adoption. 

Google understood the assignment, executing a true A+ influencer marketing masterclass.

My final thoughts

Google’s influencer campaign for “Circle to Search” demonstrates the immense value of influencer marketing in driving widespread awareness and adoption of new technologies. 

By strategically partnering with a diverse lineup of influential figures across sports, fashion, music, and culture, Google ensured maximum visibility and appeal to various demographics. 

Yes, Google’s innovative approach sets a new benchmark for using influencers to launch groundbreaking tech products effectively. Well done!

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