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by | Mar 26, 2024 | Influencer News

Who is Andrew Glaze?

Why is everybody suddenly talking about him?

I used my favourite influencer marketing platform and learned that:

📊 He has an above-average 6% engagement rate,

📊 He has 150K followers on Instagram,

📊 His follower count  grew by almost 33% in the last 30 days,

📊 And he is a Prime Energy Drink ambassador!

Yes, Andrew Glaze is a runner. 

👉 But he is also a rising influencer.

His extraordinary feat at the LA Marathon showcased his endurance. 

And it was part of an influencer marketing strategy for Prime Energy Drink, co-owned by Logan Paul and KSI.

Let’s see what else we can dig up about Andrew Glaze. 👇

Who is Andrew Glaze?

Andrew Glaze is a runner from the United States. 

He skyrocketed to viral fame through his participation in the LA Marathon—a feat made all the more remarkable by his choice of attire. 

Check this out.  👇

Dressed as a Prime Energy Drink mascot, Andrew Glaze turned heads. 🤣

And yes, he did this not just for his unique marathon gear but for completing the gruelling race under the harsh LA sun, capturing the attention of Logan Paul himself.

How does the Prime Energy Drink campaign fit into this?

Andrew Glaze

The campaign that brought Glaze’s running prowess into the limelight was conceptualised by Logan Paul. 

Approaching Glaze with a sponsorship deal, Paul challenged him to run the marathon dressed in a Prime costume. 

Despite uncertainties regarding the execution, Glaze embraced the challenge and completed the marathon in 4 hours and 18 minutes. 

This act of endurance was more than a personal victory; it was a strategic move that significantly boosted Prime Energy Drink’s visibility. 

Glaze’s run, adorned in the eye-catching Prime costume, not only garnered attention from fellow marathon participants, with many taking selfies but also effectively promoted the brand to a broader audience.

The race from compulsion to passion

Glaze’s entry into the world of running was not born out of an initial passion.

Nope. 🫥

Instead, he did it to escape an unhealthy lifestyle marked by heavy drinking and smoking. 

His transformation into a dedicated runner is nothing short of inspirational. 

As per an interview with Runspirited, Glaze’s training regime doesn’t follow a conventional pattern. 

Instead, he adopts a “run until I’m done” philosophy, occasionally pushing himself to extraordinary distances of over 50 miles.

As of November 12, 2023, Glaze had been running 100 miles weekly for 191 weeks. 🏃

His running serves not just as physical training but as a therapeutic escape from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he suffered as a firefighter. 

Running, for Glaze, is a peaceful retreat from unwanted thoughts, providing mental clarity and tranquillity.

What are Andrew Glaze’s social media stats?

Andrew Glaze’s viral stunt had a tangible impact on his social media metrics!

A screenshot of an audience analysis dashboard for an influencer, showing follower count, engagement rate, and other statistics.

With an engagement rate of 6.07% and a follower count that grew by 32.32% in the last 30 days to reach 150.41K, Glaze’s social media presence is a testament to his growing influence. 

His audience, predominantly male aged between 25 and 34 and interested in yoga, fitness, and sports, aligns well with Prime Energy Drink’s target demographic.

That’s why this partnership is so creative and strategically sound!

But wait, there’s even more to learn from this runner.

Audiences love Andrew Glaze

Andrew Glaze’s best social media posts on Instagram are personal, authentic posts, showing the hardships of marathon-running. 

Here’s an example:

Andrew managed a 100% engagement rate with this single post!

But it’s not the only post that performed well.

Here’s another epic example:

With this post, Andrew managed a solid 87% engagement rate.

That’s an engagement rate most influencers would kill for.

My final thoughts

Andrew Glaze’s story is a compelling example of how influencer marketing can transcend traditional boundaries. 

It uses personal stories of transformation and resilience to create campaigns that resonate with audiences on a deeper level. 

The success of the Prime Energy Drink campaign at the LA Marathon demonstrates the potential of influencer marketing to generate buzz, enhance brand visibility, and connect with target audiences in authentic and engaging ways.

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