11 Top Nutrition Influencers on Instagram to follow in 2023

Nutrition influencers have emerged as influential figures in the realm of health and wellness.

These social media content creator types utilise their platforms to educate and inspire millions of followers… 

But did you know just how many niches these influencers can cater to?

In this article we provide a nifty, vetted list revealing 11 top nutrition influencers on Instagram for your convenience! 

Some of the Top Nutrition Influencers on Instagram

What is a Nutrition Influencer?

Nutrition influencers play a vital role in shaping people’s dietary choices and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Through their engaging content, nutrition influencers provide guidance on meal planning, portion control, and the importance of balanced diets.

They often share recipes, offer tips on mindful eating and emphasise the significance of proper nutrition for overall well-being.

The niches top nutrition influencers on Instagram usually create content around include:

  • health
  • food and nutrition
  • fitness
  • vegan
  • lifestyle

Nutrition influencers filming a YouTube video

We get it, finding the top nutrition influencers on Instagram can be a time-consuming and stressful process…

Especially when key stats aren’t easily accessible!

… And with the rise of veganism in broader culture, how do you decide which influencer creates the most authentic content that drives results?

These social media content creators range from Micro influencer to Super influencer.

This list contains all the need to know stats for the following content creators:

Top nutrition influencers on Instagram: 

1. Dr Megan Rossi – @theguthealthdoctor

2. Dr Joshua Wolrich – @drjoshuawolrich

3. Emily English – @emthenutritionist

4. Dr Rupy Aujla – @doctors_kitchen

5. Rhiannon Lambert – @rhitrition

6. Jennifer Medhurst – @jennifermedhurst

7. Manisa Morgan – @manisha_your_nutritionist

8. Farzanah – @farzanahnasser_nutrition   

9.  Evie – @naturallyevie

10. Tai Ibitoye – @taitalksnutrition

11. Faye Townsend – @faye.nutrition

No matter the size of your brand, you are sure to find a nutrition influencer with experience and quality content that promises an affordable and prosperous collaboration.

These nutrition influencers not only boast a healthy lifestyle, but all-round healthy stats too which are sure to show positive impact!

1. Dr Megan Rossi – @theguthealthdoctor

Leading the list of the top nutrition influencers on Instagram, accomplished influencer Dr Megan Rossi shares her practical wisdom on popular health myths, ranging from whether coffee is dehydrating to which foods can offer sun protection.

Key Influencer Stats

She not only has a gut-loving variety of breakfast foods spanning everything from granola to porridge, but also a PHD and a column in the Daily Mail newspaper!

With 443K followers, at an 1.22% engagement rate, she is a big influencer in the UK nutrition game.

As a Super Influencer in the field of nutrition, a pricing estimate according to Click can be marked at between $2.5K – $4.7K.

2. Dr Joshua Wolrich – @drjoshuawolrich

Dr. Joshua Wolrich, a renowned nutritionist, NHS doctor, and bestselling author of “Food Isn’t Medicine,” offers unique perspectives on nutrition and health.

He is known for his support of HAES®️ (Health at Every Size) and his ongoing efforts to combat weight stigma. This further qualifies him as a mental health influencer.

Key Influencer Stats

Dr. Joshua Wolrich has amassed a following of 389K as a Super influencer, with a desirable, good engagement rate of 2.03% 

With this substantial following on Instagram, Dr. Wolrich attracts a highly engaged audience who are primarily interested in restaurants, food, and grocery, which accounts for an impressive 58.12% of his followers’ interests, reflecting their strong affinity for these topics.

3. Emily English –@emthenutritionist

Emily English is one of the top nutrition influencers on Instagram who specialises in providing hearty recipes for nourishing food that is not only healthy, but also delicious.

… Think shakshuka, smoothie bowls and chicken satay; these meals are the perfect combo of variety and nutritional benefits.

Key Influencer Stats

She has also mentioned popular brands on her Instagram including ASOS, Deliveroo and Zara, proving her versatility.

Emily also holds Super influencer status, with a huge following of 390K and a good engagement rate of 3.38%, her audience is of a superb standard.

This is reflected in her audience authenticity score of 88.94% – a loyal, authentic audience is to be expected from one of the top food influencers on Instagram in the UK!

4. Dr Rupy Aujla – @doctors_kitchen

Renowned Content Creator Dr. Rupy Aujla offers mouthwatering recipes that are both delicious and nutritious, empowering individuals to maintain a healthy diet on a daily basis.

He additionally hosts enlightening discussions on crucial subjects, surrounding everything from oral hygiene to anti-cancer diets through his popular podcast “The Doctor’s Kitchen.”

Key Influencer Stats

Dr. Aujla shares snippets of these insightful conversations on his Instagram account, captivating his followers with valuable content.  

As a Super influencer, Dr. Aujla has a growing following of 321K, and a good audience authenticity score of 81.49%.

These are all positive signals indicating an exciting trajectory for his career as a wellness influencer.

5. Rhiannon Lambert – @rhitrition

Nutritionist and Sunday Times Bestselling Author Rhiannon Lambert shares her skills through easy to follow pasta recipe videos, marking her as a top food influencer on Instagram.

Adding to the charm and interest in her content, she often features her adorable baby in her content while debunking myths around healthy eating habits.

Key Influencer Stats

Notably, 61.12% of her Instagram audience totalling 230K followers are based in the UK, presenting an excellent opportunity for UK-based businesses to connect with this regional following and reap the benefits of their engagement.

She is a Super influencer with immense power to drive sales in the niche of restaurants, food and grocery, as her audience is highly interested in products of this category (interest level: 62.18%).

6. Jennifer Medhurst – @jennifermedhurst

Self-dubbed “The Imperfect Nutritionist”, Jennifer Medhurst provides accessible insight into healthy meals, including those questions you always wanted to be answered (why am I still hungry at night?) as well as clever nutritional tips and tricks.

With a significantly smaller audience of 68.8K in this ranking, her honesty which shines through in her content validates her position in this ranking as a top nutrition influencer on Instagram.

Key Influencer Stats

This is evidenced in her overall average likes increasing by 30.70% on the whole at the date of article publishing.

Our tools have identified this charming content creator as a Super influencer also, which can help to generate a lot of impressions.

7. Manisa Morgan – @manisha_your_nutritionist

Manisha’s Instagram content is both engaging and down to earth, providing a sense of attainability and accessibility in the goal of improving one’s gut health.

Her posts often feature heartwarming moments with her family, adding an extra layer of relatability for her audience, who have a high interest in friends, family and relationships at 49.91%.

Key Influencer Stats

With 53.7K followers, Manisha’s audience’s top interest category is restaurants, food and grocery however – scoring 56.81%.

Over 20% of her followers are based in London, indicating a significant portion of cosmopolitan individuals who may be an ideal target audience for innovative and progressive products.

This presents a valuable opportunity for brands seeking to connect with this forward-thinking demographic.

8. Farzanah – @farzanahnasser_nutrition

Instagram Content Creator Farzanah Nasser places a strong emphasis on gut health, the microbiome, and autoimmunity.

Through her content, she effortlessly showcases the simplicity and great appeal of incorporating more plant-based foods into one’s diet.

Key Influencer Stats

As the first Micro influencer featured in this ranking with 32.1K followers, Farzanah proves that smaller accounts can cultivate authentic audiences with an impressive audience authenticity score of 82.70%.

With a background in Functional Medicine, Farzanah takes a comprehensive approach to overall health and well-being.

Her audience has a strong and prominent interest in healthy lifestyle content, scoring an interest percentage of 64.92%.

9. Evie – @naturallyevie

Evie is an Instagram influencer and mother creating organic content surrounding nutritional recipes and lifestyle. She is also an advocate for mental health, offering tips for her audience to improve their wellness in day-to-day life.

Evie is also the founder of her own brand Naturally Evie Activewear – a sustainable and ethical brand for fitness apparel.

Her motivated entrepreneurial mindset materialises in her content, marking her as an inspirational Instagram content creator.

Key Influencer Stats

As a micro influencer, her humble following of 15.2K are an authentic audience, scoring 91.48% in audience authenticity score.

Evie’s audience have an intense interest in restaurants, food and grocery, scoring 88.13% for this category. 

This is closely followed by the healthy lifestyle category at 85.22%, with the fitness and yoga category scoring 47.49% for audience interest, indicating a strong interest for fitness products as a result of her own activewear brand.

10. Tai Ibitoye – @taitalksnutrition

Micro influencer Tai Ibitoye is a registered dietician with a PHD in Food & Nutritional Sciences, branding her content with a comprehensive and inclusive approach to food health.

With a key interest in promoting diversity in healthcare, and her posts on “What ‘eating well’ looks like around the world”, her Instagram is both an inspiring and informative take on nutritional education.

Key Influencer Stats

Her Micro influencer status further qualifies her as one of the top nutrition influencers on Instagram to connect with audiences who have specific interests. 

Promoting diversity in healthcare is a passion of Tai’s which runs thematically though her Instagram content, particularly in posts such as “What eating well looks like around the world.”

She has a loyal following of 13.3K followers and an audience authenticity score of 83.28%.

11. Faye Townsend – @faye.nutrition

For the sporty side of nutrition, look to Faye Townsend who helps athletes with their fuel and recovery needs.

Presenting infographics and visual breakdowns of meals, she provides a simplified way to get the right nutrition to audiences who have an interest in exercise and fitness.

Key Influencer Stats

As a Nano influencer and Niche influencer, she has a strong community of 9.17K followers supporting and engaging with her carefully crafted content.

Through her engaging content, which includes infographics and visually appealing meal breakdowns, she presents a practical approach to achieving optimal nutrition for individuals with a keen interest in exercise and fitness.

Faye’s great potential to build on her existing dedicated community is promising due to her content cross-catering with the field of sports.

This type of engagement is meaningful in continuing on an upward trajectory.

Faye’s audience is very central to the UK, with a significant London presence – scoring 23.81% on followers top location by city.

Bloom Nutrition – A Case Study of Success

Nutrition influencers swear by Bloom Nutrition products – the business having a calculated influencer marketing strategy.

Audiences respond and engage highly with Bloom Nutrition influencers natural product integration in Instagram Reels and TikTok videos.

Integrated Videos drive Results

Integrated videos surround content such as GRWM (Get Ready With Me,) videos and ‘What I eat in a day’ videos.

This content naturally promotes a product, hence an ‘Integrated video’ as the name suggests – rather than creating a video around a product.

A Bloom Nutrition campaign featuring one Mega influencer Gabbie Egan garnered over 4M views with a $1.47 CPM.

Partnering with Nutrition Influencers: The Challenges 

Key points of consideration for brands:

  • For nutrition influencers, authenticity is one of the most crucial factors.

  • Honesty and trust are important values to withhold when partnering with brands, especially when dealing with content surrounding personal health recommendations.

  • Higher potential for loss of trust and credibility for both the influencer and the brand as a result of an audience who are likely to have special dietary preferences or philosophies.
  • Regulatory compliance is yet another challenge for brands partnering with nutrition influencers because of the sensitive nature around health. It is important for brands to ensure that the influencers they collaborate with adhere to these regulations.   
    • This includes properly disclosing sponsored content, adhering to labelling guidelines, and avoiding misleading or false claims about products.

    Social media content creator List on Click - the Top 11 Nutrition Influencers in the UK

    Top Nutrition Influencers on Instagram: Final


    —> Influencers who cross-cater build passionate and diverse audiences, presenting a versatile market.

    —> Honest content tailored for a niche increases influencer/audience bonds.

    —> There is a strong interest for nutrition influencers in the geographically central London, where many Gen Z and Millenials wish to achieve a greater healthy lifestyle.

    For more exclusive influencer marketing tips and tricks, stay tuned to the Click Analytic blog.